1989 Ford Granada in for a respray

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Having been with it’s current family for many years ,our 1989 Ford Granada initially came in for some welding work to be carried out on the sills, in a view to get her back on the road with a new MOT.

Unfortunately the sills were in desperate need of some attention along with some smaller task that we carried out.

Ford Granada

Having completed the necessary work on the sills, we sat down with the owners and all made the decision that a full respray would freshen up the car’s exterior.

With the interior looking so good it would be lovely to have her back to how she should be.

Unfortunately, as with a lot of vehicles that sit still in the UK for some time each panel required attention and when every panel needs it, it’s best to do a full respray rather than trying to match up with the few good points. It’s best to make it all good again so this is what we intend to do.





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