1964 Land Rover Series 2a

Land Rover Amendments

Lots have been happening with our new Land Rover Series IIa this week. Scott (our in-house Land Rover Specialist) has diligently attending to the issues

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Land Rover TLC

Our most recent edition, a Land Rover Series 2a has been checked over and is having a handful of issues addressed. One of the issues

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Competition Winner: A Happy Lad And His Landy

We’re delighted to see that our 1964 Land Rover Series IIA was delivered to Ian in Devon this morning and he’s already told us he’s named it Toby.

Ian bough just a single ticket and as luck would have it, that was the winning one!

“Received this morning bright and early. Fantastic service and so chuffed to have won this, being a big Landyphile. Already been out for its first spin around the lanes. Toby is going to be loved and fettled in his new forever home and will meet his sister Mabel, the Series 1 once she back up and running” Ian tells us. “Toby is derived for 70B (TOB) as per registration plate.”

Behind The Scenes On Thursday’s Live Draw

We had an exciting live draw with two winners announced, Mike Parsons won our 1953 Francis Barnett Trials Motorcycle with ticket number 130 and Iain Baker won our 1964 Land Rover Series IIA with ticket number 1248. A big congratulations to both winners, we hope you love them as much as we do!

We had some minor technical issues thanks to the weather but we appreciate everyone’s paitence as we continue to improve our live streams.

Land Rover Owner International – May 2021

We’ve been featured in Land Rover Owner International. Theo, editor, rang us up and had a chat with Ellie, about our beloved Land Rover and the competitions. After sending over visuals and some more information, we saw out feature on the website and absolutely love it.

“Series Land Rovers are sadly growing out of reach for an increasing number of us, as the costs of buying and restoring them are much higher than they used to be. Bridge Classic Cars has adopted a novel approach to selling vehicles, and one that could allow competition entrants to snap up this 1964 Series IIA for only £9.50″

You can read the article here.

Behind The Scenes – 1964 Land Rover Series IIA

Last week Freddie and Ellie headed down to Bentwaters to meet Charlotte to shoot the final visuals for our beloved 1964 Land Rover Series IIA. The sunlight dappled through the trees and cast long shadows, creating a dramatic scene to shoot in. Bursting with character and adventurous spirit, the Land Rover was ready to be driven off-road across Bentwaters and through the forests.

You’ll be able to see all the photos on Facebook or over on the competitions website here.

Land Rover Gets A New Gear Box

We’ve just had the gearbox reconditioned and refitted into our 1964 Land Rover Series IIa. We recently had some trouble with the gearbox seizing due to the teeth from the third gear falling off. We sent the gearbox off to Last Transmission to have it rebuilt.

After receiving the gearbox back, Scott and Ady were tasked with lowering the gearbox back in place through the centre column of the Land Rover. Using their initiative, they set up our small engine crane to help lift it in place.

Now the gearbox has been refitted with no extra complications, Scott has been re-fitting the panels and seats ready for the team to take it out for its pre-launch photoshoot.

Land Rover Series IIA Finishing Touches

The paint shop have added the finishing touches to our 1964 Land Rover Series 2a by painting the wheels cream. The injector fuel pump has also arrived and been fitted, making it photoshoot ready for its editorial on friday!

The wheels were first coated in an epoxy primer and then painted over in an originally land rover ‘off white’ cream finish.

Land Rover Amendments

Lots have been happening with our new Land Rover Series IIa this week. Scott (our in-house Land Rover Specialist) has diligently attending to the issues and has now almost completed it. We’ll be aiming to shoot it next week so keep your eyes peeled!

Scott has replaced an rewired the window wiper mechanisms which sit in the cab on the dashboard.

We’ve also ordered a front bonnet spare wheel holder kit which has been bolted onto the front and now just awaits a spare wheel to grace it.

Scott has also replaced the rear exhaust box as the original was showing signs of rust beyond repair.

New rubber matting has been made, cut and fitted for the back pick up area. Originally just bare metal, the pick up interior is now kitted out in fresh matting.

The most noticeable change is of course the new canvas tilt which Scott fitted yesterday. The tilt process includes fitting a metal frame and pulling of the canvas over and tying it down.

Scott has been working on some wiring issues, he’s fitted new headlamps and changed the galvanized corner capping on the rear of the buck.

Our 1964 Land Rover Series IIa gets a new Three-Quarter Canvas Tilt

Scott, one of Bridge’s Classic Car Technicians has fitted this khaki canvas tilt to our Land Rover.

As with all of our competition cars, our Series II is having a full check over in the Bridge Classic Cars Workshop, with any necessary works carried out before it goes up on the website to be won.

In addition to the mechanical work we are doing to prepare our Land Rover, we decided to fit a brand new canvas tilt to make the rear buck a bit more practical. A popular choice for Land Rover owners, we also think a canvas tilt improves the looks, what do you think to the new addition?

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Land Rover TLC

Our most recent edition, a Land Rover Series 2a has been checked over and is having a handful of issues addressed. One of the issues is a fuel leak from the fuel pump behind the timing cover. John has stripped down the part to start to address the issue.

Introducing The Original Adventure-mobile: The Land Rover Series IIa

We couldn’t resist taking the Land Rover out into the snow to get some arrival photos. Since we’re aiming to give this iconic adventure-mobile a makeover, these shots serve as a good ‘before’ look. Stay tuned to see what it’ll look like afterwards…

Its been exactly 60 years since the Series 2a was released and it still has its original power and authenticity in-tact. Whilst these vehicles are known for being glamorised tractors, nothing beats them in terms of authentic adventure. The Series IIa retained the civilian simplicity of the Series I whilst fine-tuning the styling, updating the suspension and adding a larger 2.3-litre four-cylinder. Our Series 2a comes with desirable overdrive and free wheeling hubs which makes it unique for motors from the time.

Land Rovers have now come synonymous with adventure, camping and an outdoors lifestyle, however, they were originally designed as agriculture work-horses. Over the decades, they’ve gained a duality between agriculture and adventure.

This iconic vehicle its reminiscent of the golden era of exploration and was often seen leading the charge on the silver screen. With America’s Jeeps taking the 4×4 lead across the pond the post-war era, Land Rover Series and Range Rover Defenders stood for the UK’s iconic off-roading vehicle. You might recognise a similar green series IIa that featured in the Italian Job alongside a fleet of mini coopers.

There’s a series of complicated but nifty modes on vintage Land Rover so it can seem overwhelming to the novice driver or those experiencing vintage Land Rovers for the first time. The blog below clearly explains what each mode does:


You can expect to see this Land Rover up for grabs in the coming weeks, stay tuned…

A Little TLC For Our Land Rover Series IIa

We’ve recently welcomed this iconic 1964 Series IIa Land Rover into the workshop, however before its ready to be photographed and released for the competition, there’s a handful of works to be done on it.

A variety of parts need to be ordered including new wiper blades, new headlamps, and door rubbers.

The list of work needing to be carried out includes a variety of small jobs such as rewiring the wiper motors, re-fitting the seats, fixing a diesel leak from the injector pump, modifying the battery mount, replacing the number plate lamp, replacing rusty bolts, painting the rear body mounting plates to match either side, overspray various bolts and components, fix near side rear hub leak, remove trailer wiring and paint where the outer-side engine mounts have been welded in.

Once all these parts and some other small jobs have been completed, we can hand it over to the marketing team to shoot and present!

Classic Land Rover Arrival At HQ

We’ve had a new arrival at HQ and it couldn’t have arrived in more fitting weather! This iconic 1964 Land Rover Series IIa has only 60,000 miles on the clock, 2 previous owners, recently restored with chassis and bulkhead in perfect condition.

Known for their iconic styling and character, these Land Rovers were the perfect farm yard work-horse, could tackle all weathers and terrain and were easy to fix with their simple parts. The Land Rover Series 2 soon gathered momentum for the go-to British exploration vehicle as it was proved to be largely indestructible. Now a quickly appreciating car, a Land Rover Series 2/2A is becoming a sought after collectable that is no longer just a workhorse vehicle.

This beautiful British green classic Land Rover will need a service and then it will be handed over to the marketing team to photoshoot and release, keep your eyes peeled…

Here’s our lovely noew eiditon being loaded inot our lorry to make its way down south to its new home with us.