Introducing The Original Adventure-mobile: The Land Rover Series IIa

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

We couldn’t resist taking the Land Rover out into the snow to get some arrival photos. Since we’re aiming to give this iconic adventure-mobile a makeover, these shots serve as a good ‘before’ look. Stay tuned to see what it’ll look like afterwards…

Its been exactly 60 years since the Series 2a was released and it still has its original power and authenticity in-tact. Whilst these vehicles are known for being glamorised tractors, nothing beats them in terms of authentic adventure. The Series IIa retained the civilian simplicity of the Series I whilst fine-tuning the styling, updating the suspension and adding a larger 2.3-litre four-cylinder. Our Series 2a comes with desirable overdrive and free wheeling hubs which makes it unique for motors from the time.

Land Rovers have now come synonymous with adventure, camping and an outdoors lifestyle, however, they were originally designed as agriculture work-horses. Over the decades, they’ve gained a duality between agriculture and adventure.

This iconic vehicle its reminiscent of the golden era of exploration and was often seen leading the charge on the silver screen. With America’s Jeeps taking the 4×4 lead across the pond the post-war era, Land Rover Series and Range Rover Defenders stood for the UK’s iconic off-roading vehicle. You might recognise a similar green series IIa that featured in the Italian Job alongside a fleet of mini coopers.

There’s a series of complicated but nifty modes on vintage Land Rover so it can seem overwhelming to the novice driver or those experiencing vintage Land Rovers for the first time. The blog below clearly explains what each mode does:

You can expect to see this Land Rover up for grabs in the coming weeks, stay tuned…

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