A Little TLC For Our Land Rover Series IIa

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

We’ve recently welcomed this iconic 1964 Series IIa Land Rover into the workshop, however before its ready to be photographed and released for the competition, there’s a handful of works to be done on it.

A variety of parts need to be ordered including new wiper blades, new headlamps, and door rubbers.

The list of work needing to be carried out includes a variety of small jobs such as rewiring the wiper motors, re-fitting the seats, fixing a diesel leak from the injector pump, modifying the battery mount, replacing the number plate lamp, replacing rusty bolts, painting the rear body mounting plates to match either side, overspray various bolts and components, fix near side rear hub leak, remove trailer wiring and paint where the outer-side engine mounts have been welded in.

Once all these parts and some other small jobs have been completed, we can hand it over to the marketing team to shoot and present!

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