1962 TVR Grantura Race Car

Donut Media – March 2020

Automotive media powerhouse, Donut Media have used video of our TVR Grantura race-car in their TVR Mini-Documentary. The popular youtube series see’s presenter James Pumpfrey

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TVR Racing Grantura Update

Raymond bought our rare 1962 TVR Racing Grantura a while back and he’s now restoring it to its former glory. On The right you can see a progress photo of the Grantura he bought from us and on the left is another rare racing Granture he’s recently bought – what a fantastic collection!

This is what the racing Grantura looked like when Raymond bought it:

Sprint Magazine – May 2021

Some of you may remember that almost 18 months ago, we sold this charming 1962 TVR Grantura Race Car, just one of a few of its kind. This article explains its history and its upcoming restoration. We’re delighted to not only feature on a 6 page spread but to also appear on the front cover!

We’re eagerly await more news on the restoration of this very special TVR.

Mr Klompstra – Netherlands

“The TVR has been well received in the Netherlands and Russell’s Transport has done a good job. We have already started the weekend with some dis-assembly work and making a plan and a schedule. We are going to thoroughly restore the entire car and make it ready for racing again. Thanks again for selling this piece of TVR history.”

Two Vehicles Depart the Bridge Classic Car Showroom This Week

Our 1962 TVR Grantura Racecar and our 1993 Mini Rio have both left the showroom this week.

Our gorgeous collectable classic Grantura was registered to TVR in 1962. BEM 885 was raced with an MGA engine until the engine failed. It was taken back to TVR’s factory and changed to a sunbeam rapier engine that is still in place to this day. We are delighted to hear the new owner plans to restore and race the vehicle.

Originally adorned in the TVR race colours of white with blue stripes. It’s been painted different colours over the years and is now in a lovely deep claret.

BEM885 was raced very successfully in the early 60s, initially by Arne Lambe and W R Bennet. It was later hill climbed by Geoff Taylor. It was regularly seen in the early 80s at Prescott when it was owned by Douglas Mainstone and once restored, will grace the racetrack once more.

The 1993 Mini Rio is a lovely little classic with tonnes of potential. It is uneconomical for us to restore, however it perfectly suits a home restoration. And that is exactly what’s in store for this lovely mini. A father and son team from Cambridgeshire will be embarking on this project. We cannot wait to hear how they get on giving this Mini a new lease of life.

Donut Media – March 2020

Automotive media powerhouse, Donut Media have used video of our TVR Grantura race-car in their TVR Mini-Documentary.

The popular youtube series see’s presenter James Pumpfrey delve into the history of an automotive manufacturer. This episode was focused on the history of TVR. A marque that is close to our hearts here at Bridge Classic Cars with our very car featuring in the video.

Our original Grantura video can be seen below, this restoration project is available for sale:

TVR Grantura Home Restoration

As you may well know, we love a TVR Grantura here at Bridge Classic Cars.

We own a 1962 TVR Grantura Racecar and have recently restored a 1960 TVR Grantura. Images Below.

Friend of Bridge Classic Cars, David Hall has been undertaking his own home restoration. After seeing our stunning completed blue Grantura, he’s been to us for a bit of advice on his own project.

Keep up the great work, David! We look forward to seeing her completed.

1962 TVR Grantura Racecar

Work is continuing on our TVR Racecar. We’re replacing the shock absorbers with brand new replacements from GAZ. The other photos will be used as a reference for the vehicles re-assembly.

TVR Grantura Race Car Photos: For Reference

More images for internal use only. The car is awaiting a full restoration but we are frequently visiting the project to prepare and we are taking lots of photographs that we will save for future reference.

TVR Grantura Race Car Engine: For Reference

Although our 1962 TVR Grantura race car is in storage for a little while whilst we complete the work on some of our current projects, we have photographed the engine bay in its current position.

The reason being that we require images for cross-reference on another TVR Grantura project we are currently running.

Images as reference can often be hugely beneficial for any work being carried out hence why our website has over 30,000 images of our projects for others to view and comment on. Feel free to look around our website, if anything you find is remotely useful to you then that makes us very happy!

TVR Grantura Race Car

BEM 885 was registered on the 5th July 1962 but the chassis number indicates that it was built around May 1961.

The car has a lightweight, drilled chassis which is very interesting in itself.

In it’s early days, the car had been frequently raced and hill-climbed and has been very successful in competitive events. Showing 1st place in 1962 at the 7th Members Meeting at Oulton Park, it was then raced at Southport Speed Trials, Aintree and St Audries Bay Hill Climb. with drivers Arne Lambe, N.H. Barnes, WR Bennett and Geoff Taylor.

Over the years the car has been various colours. Originally finished in work-style colours of white with blue stripes. It has since been finished in silver and now with us in maroon.

We have received a images of the car in it’s racing days which is absolutely wonderful to see and thank you very much.

The car will be extensively restored here at Bridge Classic Cars and will once again come in white with blue graphics.

Barn Find: 1962 TVR Race Car

@bridgeclassiccars – Gutted not be to be at Goodwood Revival this weekend for the racing but super excited by yesterday’s adventures. A rare and completely unexpected barn find, discovered in a chicken shed right here in Suffolk and now the newest member of the @bridgeclassiccars family, sitting side by side our current Grantura restoration project…1962 TVR Grantura Race Car with racing history. Love to hear from anyone with any information. Follow the project online…