TVR Grantura Race Car

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

BEM 885 was registered on the 5th July 1962 but the chassis number indicates that it was built around May 1961.

The car has a lightweight, drilled chassis which is very interesting in itself.

In it’s early days, the car had been frequently raced and hill-climbed and has been very successful in competitive events. Showing 1st place in 1962 at the 7th Members Meeting at Oulton Park, it was then raced at Southport Speed Trials, Aintree and St Audries Bay Hill Climb. with drivers Arne Lambe, N.H. Barnes, WR Bennett and Geoff Taylor.

Over the years the car has been various colours. Originally finished in work-style colours of white with blue stripes. It has since been finished in silver and now with us in maroon.

We have received a images of the car in it’s racing days which is absolutely wonderful to see and thank you very much.

The car will be extensively restored here at Bridge Classic Cars and will once again come in white with blue graphics.

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