Two Vehicles Depart the Bridge Classic Car Showroom This Week

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Our 1962 TVR Grantura Racecar and our 1993 Mini Rio have both left the showroom this week.

Our gorgeous collectable classic Grantura was registered to TVR in 1962. BEM 885 was raced with an MGA engine until the engine failed. It was taken back to TVR’s factory and changed to a sunbeam rapier engine that is still in place to this day. We are delighted to hear the new owner plans to restore and race the vehicle.

Originally adorned in the TVR race colours of white with blue stripes. It’s been painted different colours over the years and is now in a lovely deep claret.

BEM885 was raced very successfully in the early 60s, initially by Arne Lambe and W R Bennet. It was later hill climbed by Geoff Taylor. It was regularly seen in the early 80s at Prescott when it was owned by Douglas Mainstone and once restored, will grace the racetrack once more.

The 1993 Mini Rio is a lovely little classic with tonnes of potential. It is uneconomical for us to restore, however it perfectly suits a home restoration. And that is exactly what’s in store for this lovely mini. A father and son team from Cambridgeshire will be embarking on this project. We cannot wait to hear how they get on giving this Mini a new lease of life.

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