1954 Daimler Conquest Roadster

Conquest Windows

Jonn has been fitting the window assemblies to our 1954 Daimler conquest. As they both were hitting the A-pillar, Clinton modified them to get a

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2 Daimlers Arrive

Yesterday, we welcomed two new classics into the Bridge Classic Cars workshop, our 1966 Daimler 250 V8 and our 1954 Daimler Conquest Roadster. Once they

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Special Delivery – Our 1954 Daimler Conquest Roadster Goes on an Adventure

Our transport team recently loaded up our 1954 Daimler Conquest Roadster into our enclosed trailer for our marketing team to take it on a special adventure for a photoshoot which you’ll all get to see very soon!

The car spent the day at local country house and then was actually driven back to our HQ. Make sure you keep a look out on the news page for more on our 1954 Daimler Conquest Roadster very soon.

Cleaned and Ready – Our 1954 Daimler Conquest Roadster is ready for a date with destiny

Our 1954 Daimler Conquest Roadster has been moved from our restoration workshops, across our site to its new home in the Classic Lounge. This unique, handbuilt roadster was loaded in by the team to be kept safe ahead of the marketing team taking it out on a very special photo/video shoot.

But, since the car has been moved into its new home – Tony gave the car a one over and got it looking majestic surrounded by our other dream classic in the new home of the Members Club.

Run Up and Final Checks on our 1954 Daimler Conquest Roadster

Jon has been working on getting our 1954 Daimler Conquest Roadster back into tip top condition. This handbuilt, unique and rare example of the car needed some expert attention to get it running and driving just as it should.

The final part of the work, is to sort out the last few little leaks and adjustments needed. Jon sorted out the steering box leak and then ran through all the gears on the ramp, adjusting the shift rods, before bringing the car down and outside to run the car up to temperature and checking for any coolant leaks.

Conquest Windows

Jonn has been fitting the window assemblies to our 1954 Daimler conquest.

As they both were hitting the A-pillar, Clinton modified them to get a better fit. The driver’s door window mount was drilled out and a nut and bolt were fitted to secure it.

Recommission work on our Daimler Conquest

Loads has been happening this week on our 1954 Daimler Conquest as we continue to work through the recommissioning process.

Some key activities include; securing the ignition switch into the dash. Jon has remove the reserve tank cable and blanked hole with a grommet. He has remove the carburettor suction chambers and pistons.

We have removed the float bowl tops and cleaned all parts. Then moving on to adjusted the float arms and checking the needle valves before refit. The jet depths have then be reset.

The carbs have been rebuilt and we have refitted the air filter, new spark plugs. The coolant has been drained too.

Jon has stripped the steering column centre and attended to a short circuit in the wiring loom inside the column.

Work continues on the steering column as we cut the wires to length and make new loom for horn and indicators. Make connections at horn push/indicator switch in centre of steering wheel.

Jon and John have rebuilt the loom down the shaft whilst Clinton went off to repair the split in the column tube.

Adjust ring inside steering wheel for indicator cancel function. Tap out the thread in the ring to secure and tap out the grub screw hole for securing centre to wheel.

We have then fitted the column tube, olive and securing nut to lower column and tightened in the correct position so indicator the switch was at the top of the steering wheel. Next up was to connect the wiring and test but the horn remained temperamental. The fault has been traced to the horn itself. We’ve now remove the horn and ordered a new one.

Finish grille top plate replacement and re-secure the grille.

We have tightened the bonnet catches each side and lubricated.

Wire in front fog lights. We’ve measured the lengths and madee twin core looms to run from the switch on the dash to each fog light before remove the fog lights and testing the bulbs. Both ok.

Jon has run wires along the existing loom and into the car, connecting them at the fog light ends and reassembling. The loom has been tested by connecting to the live feed from ignition, all ok.

Connect to fog light switch.

Make small wire from sidelight feed on back of light switch and connect to other side of fog light switch.

Turn on sidelights and test. Ok.

Connect the earth wire for interior fan and test.

Tighten offside mirror.

External work next. We have inflated the tyres, torque up the wheels and refitted the wheel trims.

The nearside window have been refitted and we have elongated the holes as the window catches on the A pillar. A bit more fettling required on this one.

Conquest Almost Complete

Technician Jonn has been hard at work on our 1954 Daimler Conquest Roadster preparing it to soon go live on Bridge Classic Cars Competitions.

Here are his notes from his recent work:

While drivers seat out, take chance to fit new battery. Remove old battery from behind drivers seat. Fit new battery and secure and fit connections. Refit cover. Hover out. Remove bung from floor and top up gearbox level. Refit bung and carpet and refit drivers seat.

Mount washer bottle to nearside inner wing in engine bay. It’s the inly place I can fit it and wiring loom is in the way. Cut loom and extend wires to coil, oil pressure switch and solder all joints. Shrink wrap and remount higher up inner wing and secure. Mount bottle and drill and fix bracket to wing. Fill up and connect pipes. Test. Adjust jets and retry, ok. Start to refit grill. Test fan direction correct. Swap wires so it now sucks air in front and blows through radiator.

Wash off gearbox. Tighten all bolts around sump area. Tighten bung. Drain rear differential. Clean both bungs and wash off. Apply Ptfe and fit drain bung. Fill with new oil and fit level bung.

Strip nearside front brake. Remove old wheel cylinders. Clean backplate and enlarge holes to take new wheel cylinders. Fit new cylinders and refit shoes. Refit drum and adjust shoes. Start the same process for offside front. Paint exposed bare metal areas black.

Strip offsidefront brake and repeat processes as nearside front. Clean and refit drum and adjust shoes.

Finish front brakes and bleed with pressure bleeder. Remove air filter and attend to bulkhead grommets a nd cable/wire routing. Remove distributor vacuum pipe. Replace bulkhead grommets. Secure wires to column. Drill and fit p clips to secure wiring in offside engine bay bulkhead area. Remove and re route speedo cable. Ch9ke able and hand throttle cable. Secure wiring under dashboard.reconnect cables and set/test. Tighten wing bolts.se are wiring away from throttle link at bulkhead. Drill out and fit new ball joint to gear change rod across bulkhead. Will need adjusting and setting as gears not aligned with column selector.

Grease all points from underneath. Carry out oil and filter change. Fit new filter and sump bung seal. Top up oil run and test. Refit front wheels.

1954 Daimler Conquest Recommissioning and Repairs

Jon is working through some of the tasks required on the recommissioning of our 1954 Daimler Conquest. First things first, he has completed the assessment on the ramp and took the car out on a road test drive. We have compiled a list of parts required so now we begin to work on the tasks at hand.

The brakes have now been stripped; the front require cylinders, the rear is mechanical. We have stripped and cleaned the rear and removed the brake linkages from the rear axle.

We have drilled out the rear brake linkage and fitted 10mm bolts in place of worn pin.

The hose and sleeve brake actuating rod has been cut so not to hit the gasses. We have disconnected the poorly routed brake light wire from the switch and pulled through to the boot.

We have now started to re route the wire and securing as we go.

Finish securing brake light wire to battery cable inside offside chassis rail and secure other end from fuse box to switch.

Clinton has made up an exhaust pipe so Jon has fitted this up. The joints have been secured and the mounts have been tightened. We have replaced the fuel hose at nearside inner wing and fitted new inline filter.

A new fuel cap lock and key has been fitted and modified to get cap to secure shut. Fit foam buffers on underside. Sand down moulded large o’ring and used as a seal for fuel cap.

We have mounted a new cooling fan into grill, drilled and made up brackets to secure.

The terminals have been changed to spades, connected and tested. All ok.

Inspecting our 1954 Daimler Conquest

Our technician Jon has been begun his inspection on our 1954 Daimler Conquest Roadster in the workshop of our Suffolk HQ.

With some estimates showing less than 60 of these unique cars ever to have been built, the team wanted to go through the entire car to check it over. The first step is a preliminary visual inspection of the car to check for anything that completely stands out as being incorrect or in need of attention, which is what this phase is. Next, the car will be safely put onto one of our workshop ramps for Jon to full inspect the mechanical aspects of the car.

Tidying up the interior of our 1954 Daimler Conquest

Lydia in the Bridge Classic Cars trim shop has been working on tidying up the interior of our unique 1953 Daimler Conquest.

He has carefully replaced the boot floor and glued the new pieces into place, she also modified the pattern to take into account the external fuel pump. During the pattern making process, Lydia noted that one of the original pieces was missing from the classic roadster so she made this piece from scratch to perfectly fit the car. Whilst working on the car, Lydia also patch a series of small holes in the roof as well as re-rivet the roof straps back into place.

Heading Out – Two Classics head to the Suffolk Show

With part of the Bridge Classic Cars being at the Suffolk Show for the last couple of days, it was only right we had a set of classic cars there along with our 2011 Morgan 4/4.

The team took over our 1977 Triumph TR7 along with our 1954 Daimler Conquest to be displayed on our stand.

2 Daimlers Arrive

Yesterday, we welcomed two new classics into the Bridge Classic Cars workshop, our 1966 Daimler 250 V8 and our 1954 Daimler Conquest Roadster.

Once they had been unloaded from the transporter, both were parked up ready to be inspected and assessed by the workshop team.

They will then go on to be won through Bridge Classic Cars Competitions.