Conquest Almost Complete

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By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager

Technician Jonn has been hard at work on our 1954 Daimler Conquest Roadster preparing it to soon go live on Bridge Classic Cars Competitions.

Here are his notes from his recent work:

While drivers seat out, take chance to fit new battery. Remove old battery from behind drivers seat. Fit new battery and secure and fit connections. Refit cover. Hover out. Remove bung from floor and top up gearbox level. Refit bung and carpet and refit drivers seat.

Mount washer bottle to nearside inner wing in engine bay. It’s the inly place I can fit it and wiring loom is in the way. Cut loom and extend wires to coil, oil pressure switch and solder all joints. Shrink wrap and remount higher up inner wing and secure. Mount bottle and drill and fix bracket to wing. Fill up and connect pipes. Test. Adjust jets and retry, ok. Start to refit grill. Test fan direction correct. Swap wires so it now sucks air in front and blows through radiator.

Wash off gearbox. Tighten all bolts around sump area. Tighten bung. Drain rear differential. Clean both bungs and wash off. Apply Ptfe and fit drain bung. Fill with new oil and fit level bung.

Strip nearside front brake. Remove old wheel cylinders. Clean backplate and enlarge holes to take new wheel cylinders. Fit new cylinders and refit shoes. Refit drum and adjust shoes. Start the same process for offside front. Paint exposed bare metal areas black.

Strip offsidefront brake and repeat processes as nearside front. Clean and refit drum and adjust shoes.

Finish front brakes and bleed with pressure bleeder. Remove air filter and attend to bulkhead grommets a nd cable/wire routing. Remove distributor vacuum pipe. Replace bulkhead grommets. Secure wires to column. Drill and fit p clips to secure wiring in offside engine bay bulkhead area. Remove and re route speedo cable. Ch9ke able and hand throttle cable. Secure wiring under dashboard.reconnect cables and set/test. Tighten wing are wiring away from throttle link at bulkhead. Drill out and fit new ball joint to gear change rod across bulkhead. Will need adjusting and setting as gears not aligned with column selector.

Grease all points from underneath. Carry out oil and filter change. Fit new filter and sump bung seal. Top up oil run and test. Refit front wheels.

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