1954 Daimler Conquest Recommissioning and Repairs

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Jon is working through some of the tasks required on the recommissioning of our 1954 Daimler Conquest. First things first, he has completed the assessment on the ramp and took the car out on a road test drive. We have compiled a list of parts required so now we begin to work on the tasks at hand.

The brakes have now been stripped; the front require cylinders, the rear is mechanical. We have stripped and cleaned the rear and removed the brake linkages from the rear axle.

We have drilled out the rear brake linkage and fitted 10mm bolts in place of worn pin.

The hose and sleeve brake actuating rod has been cut so not to hit the gasses. We have disconnected the poorly routed brake light wire from the switch and pulled through to the boot.

We have now started to re route the wire and securing as we go.

Finish securing brake light wire to battery cable inside offside chassis rail and secure other end from fuse box to switch.

Clinton has made up an exhaust pipe so Jon has fitted this up. The joints have been secured and the mounts have been tightened. We have replaced the fuel hose at nearside inner wing and fitted new inline filter.

A new fuel cap lock and key has been fitted and modified to get cap to secure shut. Fit foam buffers on underside. Sand down moulded large o’ring and used as a seal for fuel cap.

We have mounted a new cooling fan into grill, drilled and made up brackets to secure.

The terminals have been changed to spades, connected and tested. All ok.

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