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By Rob Harvey

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Bugatti has once again set a new standard in the hypercar world with the introduction of the Bugatti Tourbillon. Following the incredible lineage of the Veyron and Chiron, the Tourbillon marks the beginning of a new era, blending cutting-edge technology and mechanical genius as this beautiful new car combines an all-new V16 engine with an electrified powertrain!

Powertrain and Performance

The Bugatti Tourbillon, named after the intricate and timeless watchmaking invention, represents a move away from tradition for the French car manufacturer. Instead of the iconic W16 engine, the Tourbillon features an all-new 8.3-litre, naturally aspirated V16 engine, paired with an electric powertrain. This hybrid system, developed in collaboration with Cosworth, delivers a mindblowing 1,800 horsepower.

The advanced powertrain includes a front e-axle with two electric motors and an additional motor at the rear. The result… insane agility and traction. With this hybrid setup, the Tourbillon has a top speed in excess of 250 mph!

Design Excellence and Aerodynamics

You can clearly see that the Tourbillon has been designed with both beauty and function in mind. It features Bugatti’s signature horseshoe grille, Bugatti Line, a central ridge, and a dual-colour split. In very simple terms…it’s beautiful!

Aerodynamically, the Tourbillon is equally as impressive. It includes a submerged rear wing that provides perfect equilibrium at high speeds and an advanced diffuser concept that enhances balance and efficiency.

Luxurious Interior and Craftsmanship

Taking inspiration from horology (the study of time and the art of measuring it), the cabin of the Tourbillon has a fixed hub steering wheel paired with a Swiss-made analogue instrument cluster. The centre console is made from crystal glass and anodised aluminium and houses intricate mechanical switches and a deployable high-definition digital screen.

Again, my words don’t seem to fully convey how beautiful this car truly is.

Advanced Materials and Structural Integrity

The Tourbillon’s chassis and body structure are made from next-generation T800 carbon composite, which integrates the battery as a structural element. This integration enhances rigidity and weight savings. Additionally, the use of advanced materials and 3D-printed components contributes to a lighter, stiffer structure.

Bugatti Tourbillon

The Bugatti Tourbillon is set to begin customer deliveries in 2026 and will be limited to just 250 units. With a starting price of just over £3.2 million, this hypercar is set to be a highly collectable vehicle.

All that being said though, I feel like this is one car I need to drive just once so I can experience its power and beauty firsthand.

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