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By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager

Today sees the launch of the brand new Bridge Classic Cars Members’ Club, an exclusive community for classic car enthusiasts across the UK. This is very different to anything we have done before and the whole team is extremely excited to move into a whole new chapter for the business.

The Classic Lounge – An Exclusive Location For Members

The Classic Lounge is a bespoke venue designed exclusively for members. It offers a stylish and comfortable space for car lovers to gather, share their passion, and enjoy a host of exclusive events and activities.

Exclusive Events and Experiences

Members of the Bridge Classic Cars Members’ Club will have access to a curated calendar of unique experiences, including factory tours, wine tasting, live music, track days, and more. Some highlights of the 2024 calendar include:

Membership Perks

Become A Member

The Bridge Classic Cars Members’ Club is open to anyone in the UK with a love for cars. Membership provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the classic car culture, meet like-minded individuals, and participate in unforgettable experiences.

Membership costs £150 per year – sign up now.

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    Daniel Warner

    Will there be a monthly option?

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