A Thorough Inspection

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By Nick Skinner

Marketing Executive/Photographer

Jon has been carrying out the inspection of our 1974 Mini 850 Van.

He began by topping up engine oil and screenwash in washer bottle, aling with checking all other necessary fluids. Next step was a full strip, clean and inspection of all brakes and then refitting the drums and adjusting till just right. Following that, he fefit all wheels and torque to 60nm before inflating all tyres to 26psi. One of the final stages of maintenance was to put 5 liters petrol in and attempt to start. The Mini started ok, but the petrol gauge showed no moment. After manually wiring the fuel sender the gauge began to work. Jon drained the fuel and remove the sender unit from the tank. He found sender seized and rusted so proceeded to strip and clean/free off.

Jon cleaned the contacts and re-assembled before fitting back into the car and test through range – He reported back it is working fine now, refitting the unit back to the tank and put the fuel back in. After checking the guage, it now reads half a tank.

Finally he secured the battery, lubricated the sliding windows and then carried out road test.

After the road test and finishing the inspection, Jon carried out road test before returning to the workshop. On returning, he adjusted the passengers door lock, adjusted the idle speed and then road tested again with our trimmer Lydia in the back on the classic Mini van to pin point rattles which was traced to the rear door lock. Returning to the workshop, Jon removed the lock mechanism from rear door to strip and inspect. Using double sided tape with backing left on to remove any play from the mechanism rods. After opening up the mechanism, he found not a single ounce of grease inside mechanism – So thoroughly lubricate with grease and reassemble. Refit to door and test. No rattles now.

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