October 7, 2021

Cover Up – Fitting the New Rear Cover to the 1966 Sunbeam Alpine

What do you do when you have the roof down on your 1960s sports car and all of the cubby hole it fits into is on display? You have a cover made. Thankfully, our in-house trim shop was on hand to get the Sunbeam sorted.

You may know by now but this is our next Bridge Classic Cars Competitions car. It’s a 1966 Sunbeam Alpine just like the one Sean Connery drove in the James Bond film, Dr No.

The cover was made by our trim expert Brian, who also headed up the installation with the help of our other trimmer Lydia. The cover is there to give a finishing touch to the cars convertible hood stowaway when the roof is down. Each piece was carefully offered up to the car to ensure the best fit and finish for this amazing classic.

All of this is in preparation for the install of the new convertible hood which we will have an update on very soon!

Opened Up – Our NCCSF 2021 Lotus Elise Sport 240 Final Edition at the Lotus Training Centre

The Norwich City Community Support Foundation charity Lotus Elise was at the Lotus Training Centre today for the opening. It joined its other siblings, including the all-electric Evija hypercar, to be part of the day’s events.

The Elise is being drawn on October 31st live with all proceeds going to help the Norwich City Community Support Foundation with all of the amazing work they do with young people of different backgrounds and abilities get involved in sport.

You can still get tickets to help support this amazing cause by clicking the link below.

Enter now for the 2021 NCCSF Lotus Elise Sport 240 Final Edition

Parts for Sale – Vauxhall 2.3 Litre Big Valve 4 Cylinder Engine

For sale from Bridge Classic Cars is this Vauxhall 2.3 Litre Slant Engine. This engine, also known as a Big Valve engine, comes with a host of associated parts as a collection.

The condition of the engine and the parts is unknown as this was part of a previous project but was not used. This is a desirable engine for many high-performance Vauxhalls.

The Year of the engine is unknown but does include a full exhaust system from the header to the backbox. Also included in the sale is a twin-carb manifold and spare set of headers. Perfect for anyone building a high-performance Vauxhall such as a Firenza or Chevette.

The asking price is £990 for the entire collection.

If you’re interested please get in touch!

Core Components – Teardown of the 1955 Aston Martin DB2 Front Axle

It’s crucial with a restoration to take note of what you take off the car. Our in-house restoration technician Mauro is fanatical about this. So, the job of tearing down the front axle of the 1955 Aston Martin DB2/4 that we have at Bridge Classic Cars naturally fell to him.

Bolt by bolt, piece by piece Mauro has gone through the entire assembly on the ’50s sportscar. Carefully and meticulously Mauro labelled and catalogued each piece ready for assessment and refurbishment.

This DB2 is having a full restoration in-house by our incredible teams. Keep a lookout for more updates on the 1955 Aston Martin DB2/4 on our News Page

And Breathe In – Assessing the Carburettors on the 1973 Jaguar E Type Series 3 Roadster

It’s crucial for any classic car to be able to breathe properly. Especially when it’s the V12 from our 1973 Jaguar E Type Series 3 Roadster.

The V12 has been completely rebuilt for this very special car and now it’s time to address the carburettors. Our in-house engine builders will begin by carefully inspecting the originals and begin to dismantle and check each and every component and seal.

The carburettors for this V12 will have a very important role to play in the dynamic of this bespoke E-Type. The performance from the V12 has been calibrated to reflect the unique nature of the 1970s super tourer. These carburettors maybe some of the first rebuilt in-house to become E10 compliant, a service we offer to all classic car owners.

Expect to see more on the rebuild of these carburettors on our projects page.