September 20, 2021

Mr Bradnum – Wales

”Many thanks to you and all of your colleagues involved in their attention to our motor car either on the Thursday evening or during Friday

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Getting Started – Fitting a New Starter Motor to the 1990 Range Rover CSK.

A starter motor is the unsung hero of any car. You rely on it for vehicles new and old to begin every sort of adventure.

Eventually, however, they do give up. That is the story of the starter motor on the 1990 Range Rover CSK we have in at Bridge Classic Cars. Our technician Mauro began looking into exactly what was happening.

After removing the old starter motor, he found it to be in rather a bad shape. A massive crack was found in the stator, this was due in part to the ignition switch on the steering column. When Mauro first tried to check to see if any power was going to the starter, he noted that the 3rd position would not return the 2nd position. This meant that the starter motor was constantly on which caused the crack in the stator.

After the replacement starter motor had been delivered, Mauro tested the component on the bench to check it operated as it should before installing it into this very rare piece of 4×4 history. Along with the starter motor, Mauro also cleaned up some of the grounding points.

The next step for the CSK here at Bridge Classic Cars will be firing up the 3.9 litre V8 with this very lucky customer right next to it to enjoy the first start.

Shooting an ’80s Icon – Behind the Scenes with a 1983 Ford Capri 1.6

Well, you may have seen by now the video of our latest competition car but it’s time to take you behind the scenes of the shoot. The icon that is, the Ford Capri.

The sun shone brightly on a crisp but slightly hazy Suffolk morning. At our Bentwaters storage facility, the nose of this black icon stood out of the hanger doors begging to be let loose. With every classic car, you need to let them warm up before any fun can be had. The Capri is no exception.

As the sun began to rise higher in the sky, a sense of urgency swept over the marketing team. The light was perfect, the conditions were perfect and most importantly, the car was perfect. Our marketing expert Freddie was at the controls of the camera, making sure each shot was perfectly tailored to fit around this much sought after sportscar.

As he called out the directions to the helmsman guiding the direction of the Capri’s long, elegant bonnet, the whole piece became a ballet at speed. A carefully choreographed meeting of two vehicles in one place to be captured in a moving image.

Lap after lap, the Capri performed faultlessly. Even when an unexpected and unruly herd of deer managed to find their way onto the south circuit of RAF Bentwaters and the brakes had to be tested a couple of times. The steering wheel felt almost telepathic to the new RS 4 spoke wheels, finding the path of least resistance around the sweeping and tight corners of the old base.

The 1983 Ford Capri 1.6LS you see before you is our newest competition car, available for anyone in the UK to enter over at Bridge Classic Cars Competitions.

Going That Bit Further – Continuing the interior on the 1960 Jensen 541R

Work is continuing on the interior of this in-house handmade interior of the 1960 Jensen 541R we have in with us for restoration at Bridge Classic Cars.

This entirely bespoke and fitted interior being made by our in-house trim shop shows the level of detail needed for such a unique and classic car. The foams are individually cut and refind to make sure that the seat fits the owner well but also follows the classic, following lines of the original interior trim.

The Jensen 541 family are all so unique and entirely handbuilt that the interiors are as individual as the car. This particular car is a very special project to us here at Bridge Classic Cars so keep an eye out on our news page for more updates on this fantastic example of the marque.

Journeys End – Making their appointment with the 1961 Alvis TD21

After the overnight rebuild on the starter motor of their gorgeous 1961 Alvis TD21, Mr and Mrs Bradnum were able to make their appointment at Brize Fest 2021.

As you may know, it was Mr and Mrs Bradnum who had coordinated the display of Alvis’ cars built between 1935 and 1962 so their attendance was crucial at the event. Thankfully they made it to their destination safe and sound, and on their return home set us over some incredible photos of the TD21 in front of a rather impressive C17 Globemaster (just returned from Afghanistan) and its siblings.

We here at Bridge Classic Cars would like to wish the Bradnum’s many happy miles of motoring to come and thank them for their kind words.

Mr Bradnum – Wales

”Many thanks to you and all of your colleagues involved in their attention to our motor car either on the Thursday evening or during Friday on the ‘Starter Motor’s’ return from Nacton Autos.

Ann and I were worried that we would not be able to join the other Alvis owners to exhibit our motor cars at this event on the Saturday morning. The more frustrating given that we had arranged and coordinated the Alvis’ contingent attendance.

We have lauded our praise for the ‘Bridge Classic Cars’ comprehensive professionalism, courtesy, immaculately clean working environment and your warm welcome to many family, friends and fellow members of the Alvis Owner Club.”

The Grindstone – Rust Removal On The 1951 Riley RMB

Our amazing technician Lydia has been hard at work removing the rust build-up on the wings of the 1951 Riley RMB with us here at Bridge Classic Cars for restoration.

Lydia carefully removed any rust from the material using both power and hand tools where necessary to avoid putting any extra heat or force into the panels which could cause unnecessary movement or warp in these handcrafted pieces.

This part of the restoration is taking place alongside the main bodywork being undertaken by our in-house fabricator James.

As you can see, Lydia has done an amazing job at complimenting the lines and craftsmanship put into this restoration by the team here at Bridge Classic Cars.

This Just In – 1962 Morris Minor Convertible

There’s something really quite charming about a Morris Minor. There’s something even more loveable about a convertible Morris Minor.

This beautiful 1962 Morris Minor Convertible is coming into us to have its convertible hood frame repaired.

Due to an unexpected gust of wind whilst the customer was out driving this stunning little classic, the hood frame was damaged. Our in-house team of restoration technicians assessed what would be needed to make sure this classic was safe. But also as original as possible.

It will be coming into us at Bridge Classic Cars very soon to begin work. So keep an eye on our news page for more updates on this Morris Minor Convertible and all of our other projects.

This Just In – 1930 Packard 740 Waterfield Convertible

A rare sight on either side of the Atlantic, this vast and beautiful 1930 Packard Super 8 Convertible is in with us here at Bridge Classic Cars for an assessment of some work and some crucial maintenance.

As with all classic cars, routine maintenance is very important. This is even more important on cars such as the gorgeous Packard Super 8 Waterhouse Convertible.

This particular Packard has lived much of its life in the British Isles, since being imported into Ireland in 1944. The car was previously restored by a specialist in France with its previous owner but now we here at Bridge Classic Cars have the honour of caretaking such a unique piece of automotive history.

To begin with, our in-house technicians will begin work with a complete service on the 6.3 litre 8 cylinder. This will also include timing and spark plug checks as well as adjusting the valves to make sure this special machine idles with a near-silent whisper.

Keep a check on our news page for more updates on this fabulous example of pre-war American luxury here at Bridge Classic Cars.

New Life – Refinishing the dash surround on a classic Mini

Refinishing a piece of trim is sometimes more effective than replacing it. Although the finish may be work or damaged, the part itself is still in good condition.

That is the story with this dash surround belonging to our friend Ted at Team C Racing. The paint on top of the veneer had unfortunately cracked in several places over time. But our in-house paint and body team knew just what to do.

They stripped the whole piece back ready to be repainted to match the original paint. Carefully making sure it would be as close to the original as possible and as you can see. Matt and Chris got it absolutely spot on.