Getting Started – Fitting a New Starter Motor to the 1990 Range Rover CSK.

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

A starter motor is the unsung hero of any car. You rely on it for vehicles new and old to begin every sort of adventure.

Eventually, however, they do give up. That is the story of the starter motor on the 1990 Range Rover CSK we have in at Bridge Classic Cars. Our technician Mauro began looking into exactly what was happening.

After removing the old starter motor, he found it to be in rather a bad shape. A massive crack was found in the stator, this was due in part to the ignition switch on the steering column. When Mauro first tried to check to see if any power was going to the starter, he noted that the 3rd position would not return the 2nd position. This meant that the starter motor was constantly on which caused the crack in the stator.

After the replacement starter motor had been delivered, Mauro tested the component on the bench to check it operated as it should before installing it into this very rare piece of 4×4 history. Along with the starter motor, Mauro also cleaned up some of the grounding points.

The next step for the CSK here at Bridge Classic Cars will be firing up the 3.9 litre V8 with this very lucky customer right next to it to enjoy the first start.

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