February 27, 2020

1960 MGA Dash Wiring

Bob, Bridge Classic Cars’ wiring wizard has been working on wiring up the dash and instrumentation of our 1960 MGA. He’s connected the wiring loom

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Sandblasting our Suzuki tank

Our 1984 Suzuki GSX400 custom restoration project work has made further progress as we sandblast the existing tank ready for the new Monza style filler cap neck to be welded in prior to the tank being painted in it’s brand new colours.

Triumph TR6 Body Updates and Parts Arrive

Our Triumph TR6 body is starting to really take shape now. It’s currently down in the paint shop having the body panels fitted up and prepared for paintwork. We’ve also had a shipment of TR6 parts arrive in, ready to be fitted to the vehicle.

This colour looks absolutely stunning. We can’t wait to see the vehicle once all the body panels have been completed.

Jensen Components for Chroming

We’ve got a few more Jensen components that are ready to be chromed. We can’t wait to see the A pillar windows fitted to the car and shining once more.

Jaguar MK II (2) Sold at Auction

We recently represented a Jaguar MK II (2) for a client of ours at auction. The auction was a great success and the car sold for a strong £23,650.

Thank you to Baron’s wonderful hospitality. There were some truly beautiful, unique vehicles available on the day.

Want to sell your classic vehicle? We can offer both auction or traditional showroom sales. Give our sales team a call today on 01473 742038.

Morris Minor Convertible Update

The car arrived to us with the issue of the doors no longer closely properly which lead us to believe that there may be structural issues. The car was converted from a saloon and it is always the worry that has the necessary precautions been made to ensure the integrity of the car has not been compromised.

After initial investigations it was found that several areas of rust were evident and we have now undertaken to remove all such areas and install more structural steel work to ensure longevity.

It is also decided at this time to remove the engine and gearbox; firstly to give us better access to the corroded areas but also to fully detail the engine and engine bay as to compliment the forthcoming re-spray the car will require.

We have taken delivery of more new panels and structural parts.

Stripping our Peugeot 504 Cabriolet

Work begins on the 1972 Peugeot Cabriolet. The car is in our workshops today being stripped down ready for paint preparation to commence. The chrome work has been removed, including the door handles and lights.

1987 Mercedes 500SL Floor Repairs

Antony has been working on our 500SL Restoration. The rusted areas are ground out with fresh metal let in to repair. It seems with this Mercedes the deeper we dive, the more rust is found. We cannot wait to get this lovely classic back on the road. At the moment this is still quite a way off due to the significant quantities of repair work necessary.

John Danby Racing- Testing outside our Bentwaters Showroom

We were photographing our latest showroom arrivals at our Bentwaters hanger when we heard the deep rumble of an engine coming from outside. Like bugs to a light, we were beckoned by the noise happening out on the airstrip.

It was here that we could see where all the noise was coming from. John Dalby racing were doing some high speed testing on their racecars.

Thanks for stopping for a chat and best of luck with your race season, Gents.

Coming Soon to the Showroom

What a beauty! This 1965 Ford Mustang will be entering our showroom in the coming weeks.

1965 was the first model year for the iconic Fastback mustang. Our vehicle is configured with two rear seats in a 2+2 format. This example is in absolutely wonderful condition.

We can’t wait to see this vehicle in the metal. We’ll be sure to share images with you once it arrives at our workshop.

Items for Chroming- Corvette C3 and Jaguar E-Type

Here are some before images of our Corvette C2 bumper and Jagaur E-Type handbrake that require re chroming.

New chrome has to be one of the best ways to rejuvenate a classic vehicle’s appearance. We can’t wait to see these components back on their respective cars soon.

Jensen 541R Panel Fitting and Paint Preparations

Dave and Chris are hard at work on our 1957 Jensen 541 R. Dave has perfected his custom built B posts. He’s let in new metal where necessary to ensure the vehicle’s structure is perfect.

Chris is now fitting up the body panels, ensuring the fitment, gap and shape of the panels is spot on. It’s now going into the paint shop for paint preparation.

Now that the panels are all fitted perfectly, Chris has been removing them in preparation for paint. We ensure the fitment is spot on before it goes into paint incase any tweaking or bending needs to be made which cannot be done once the paint is applied.

1968 Triumph TR5 Seats Upholstered

Kath has done a wonderful job trimming our 1968 Triumph TR5 seats.

She’s fitted the new cover onto the frame and completed the final assembly.

Jaguar E Type Racecar Interior Specification

We’re currently deciding on which material to use for our E type interior. we initially looked at a colour matched orange leather, however the first samples we received back clashed against the exterior. Were now looking at alternative samples to find the perfect colour for our interior.

Within our trim shop we can build completely bespoke custom interiors, keeping them as original or as unique as our clients request.

In The Showroom: Showroom: 1961 Ford Consul – Interesting history

1961 Ford Consul- We’ve uncovered some wonderful history behind our for sale Ford Consul.

The car featured in the Cilla Mini Series.

Discovered in a Suffolk garage, our consul is now ready for a new home. She’s a lovely classic that can be enjoyed in her current state, or, should the new owner wish, restore to top condition.

1960 MGA Dash Wiring

Bob, Bridge Classic Cars’ wiring wizard has been working on wiring up the dash and instrumentation of our 1960 MGA. He’s connected the wiring loom from the engine bay, through the bulkhead and back into the vehicles cockpit.

Great work, Bob!

Is your classic vehicle in need of auto electrical assistance? Get in touch with our workshop today on 01473 742038.

1972 Peugeot 504 Engine Testing

Ady, Bridge Classic Cars’ engine specialist has set to work on our Peugeot 504 Engine recommission.

Before removing the engine Ady has checked each cylinders compression. We’ve found slightly low compression on one of the cylinders and will report this back to the customer.

We then removed the engine and took off some components including the inlet manifold for sandblasting and painting.

We’ve found that front engine cover was worn due to being incorrectly previously fitted. The front crankshaft pulley also is showing signs of wear. Based on our findings Ady is recommending a lip seal conversion.

Once these issues with the engine have been resolved we will be fully detailing the engine and engine bay to get this lovely rare classic show ready.