1972 Peugeot 504 Engine Testing

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Ady, Bridge Classic Cars’ engine specialist has set to work on our Peugeot 504 Engine recommission.

Before removing the engine Ady has checked each cylinders compression. We’ve found slightly low compression on one of the cylinders and will report this back to the customer.

We then removed the engine and took off some components including the inlet manifold for sandblasting and painting.

We’ve found that front engine cover was worn due to being incorrectly previously fitted. The front crankshaft pulley also is showing signs of wear. Based on our findings Ady is recommending a lip seal conversion.

Once these issues with the engine have been resolved we will be fully detailing the engine and engine bay to get this lovely rare classic show ready.

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