June 7, 2018

1968 Jaguar 240

Having been stored locally in a garage in Ipswich for many years our latest addition is our 1968 Jaguar 240. At present she’s a non runner

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Bridge Classic Cars Is Recruiting

Would you like to join one of the most successful car restoration companies in the U.K?

As the move to our new bespoke premises in Pettestree near Woodbridge is nearing completion we are looking for new stars to join us.

If you have the experience we have the facilities…

Time served motor mechanics and restorers required to join our amazing team.

Our website will give you the standards we work to and the exciting cars we get to work on.

We are currently looking for talented people to join our journey.

Your preferred skills are in general mechanics, welding, auto electrics, engines, braking systems, body preparation and paint.

We are not looking for one person who can do it all, we are looking for an experienced team of exceptional talent that can work together to do it all.

One of the most exciting prospects will be our new purpose built paint shop and vehicle preparation area.

If you think you have the talent to compliment our team then email your CV to info@bridgeclassiccars.co.uk or call us on 01473 742038 for a chat.

1968 Jaguar 240

Having been stored locally in a garage in Ipswich for many years our latest addition is our 1968 Jaguar 240.

At present she’s a non runner with the brakes completely seized but after a little TLC we’ll have her back up and running in no time.

Due to our current workload we are considering selling her on as a restoration project but we’ll see.

New arrival: 1971 Bedford J Type Truck

New arrival to Bridge Classic Cars, our 1971 Bedford J Type Truck is in with us a future project. At this early stage we are unsure what the end result could be as the owner has many ideas for her new life.

All we know is that she has spent the majority of her life in New Zealand before landing on UK shores a few years back and has since been stored with little to no use.

The brand new windscreen is manufactured

The order was placed at the back end of 2017 so it has been a long wait for the production of our Jensen 541S windscreen but the wait is over.

Due to the rarity of the car itself there are very few, if not any, brand new screens still in existence.  We therefore commissioned for a brand new screen to be manufactured in Finland and due to complications in the factory a 4 week lead time ended up being 7 month lead time but the wait is finally over.

The screen has arrived and along with the brand new rubber is now fitted and in position.

Refurbishing the XJR Wheels.

Our wheels have returned fully refurbished thanks to the guys at Wheelworx in Bury St Edmunds.

Now fitted on brand new Continental 225 45 17R tyres supplied by Ken and the team at Fast-Fit next door.

We are now on the final stages of the restoration with just the finishing touches to complete. The paint imperfections are now being completed and then it’ll be a trip back to Demand Engineering for the exhaust tailpipes to be fitted and then we are looking at a final once over before she heads back home.