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By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

In preparation for our 1964 Ford Zephyr 4 to be won through Bridge Classic Cars Competitions, Jonn has been making a few repairs. Here are his notes:

  • Attach vacuum cooling system filling tool but system won’t hold a vacuum. Check all hose clips but all old style clips won’t tighten. Remove hoses to fit new clips and found heater matrix blocked solid. Attempt to blow through but to no avail. Clean out all hoses, refit and fit new jubilee clips. Clean exhaust flanges and manifold clamp. Refit exhaust and secure. Attend to throttle linkage .
  • Cut rod to length and cut new thread on ends. Attach ball joints and fit. Grease balls and tighten ball sockets. Modify bulkhead drain pipe and refit. Remove nearside front quarter light window. Remove handle from new item and clean and fit to old window and refit. Strip and fit new brake pads to nearside front. Strip rear brakes.
  • Remove half shaft and hub assembly. Clean all parts to be reused. Rub down and Paint brake backplate. Press out bearing and fit new hub seal. Thoroughly grease bearing and refit. Refit backplate and hub. Fit new wheel cylinder and brake shoes and lubricate and refit hand brake mechanism. Adjust shoes and refit drum.
  • Repeat whole process for nearside rear. Clean all parts etc.
  • Reassemble offside rear hub and brake assembly.lubricate backplate and clean and lubricate handbrake linkage/mechanism. Fit new cylinder and re bolt handbrake to cylinder. Fit new shoes and adjust and fit drum. Refit dynamo and fit new regulator. Refit auxiliary belt and adjust. Refit wheels and get off ramp. Push forward to open both front doors and start stripping heater box for removal.
  • Continue to remove heater box.
  • Remove heater box from car. Strip heater box on bench.remove heater valve and foundmits he valve that is blocked solid. Strip heater valve and clean out.
  • Remove heater radiator from heater box. Flush out brown dirt from inside until water flows through ok. Fit new foam strip to top and bottom of radiator and refit to heater box.
  • Reassemble heater. Heater valve rubber seal split, so unable to refit heater box to car yet. Order repair kit for valve.
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