Zephyr Heater

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By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Jonn has been working on our 1964 Ford Zephyr in preparation for it to be delivered to its new owner. Here are his notes:

Carry out pressure test on heater valve before refitting to heater. Fill with water and use air to pressurise. Found small leaks from weld repair on side of valve and seal on inlet pipe. Remove pipe and clean. Fit new O ring and sealer and refit and secure. Mix and apply JB marine weld and leave to go off.

Fill and pressure test heater valve now repair has set. Seems fine. Reassemble heater box and fit back in car. Connect hoses and cables and secure heater to bulkhead. Vacuum pressu4e test system again, this time Vacuum held for approx 5 minutes ok. Fill system and check operation of cable controls. Adjust direction cable and test. Refit centre dash and shelf. Refit handbrake knob. Raise in air and adjust handbrake. Secure exhaust rear mount and get off ramp. Take outside and warm up. Check heater hot. Carry out road test. Found slight hesitation and clutch slow to engage. Bring back inside and strip and remove clutch slave cylinder. Clean out and refit. Bleed clutch and test. Adjust carb secondary air screw and idle speed.

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