XJS Brakes And Rear Axle

Picture of By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Classic car technician Jonn has been continuing his work on our 1991 Jaguar XJS Le Mans. His notes were:

Strip and clean caliper to be re used. Blow off and dry. Rub down and mask and paint with silver bake caliper paint. Clean both pistons ready for new seal kit. Strip both hand brake calipers. Clean and blow off. Rub down and mask. Paint silver the same as service brake caliper. Repeat process for other side. Hang all up to dry.

Start to reassemble rear axle. Fit new discs and refit driveshaft flanges and shims. Fit new caliper to offside rear. Refit handbrake caliper and new handbrake pads and secure to caliper. Secure caliper and fit new pads. Fit new axle mounts to frame.

Fit new caliper seal kit to nearside rear caliper. Fit caliper and handbrake caliper to axle. Fit new pads and adjust handbrake caliper. Fit easy bleed pipes.

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