Work Begins On Our Mercedes 420SL

By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Work has begun on our 1988 Mercedes 420SL with classic car technician Brian getting to work on repairing the interior trim of the classic Mercedes.

Brian removed the old centre console wood trim panel before removing the heater control wood trim panel and all switches. The glovebox wood trim panel and lock were also removed before the wood trim from the dash panels was removed too.

When Brian removed the trim from the ashtray, he cleaned the old mastic off before fitting a new wood trim panel to it. New wood trim panels were fixed to the glovebox too. Brian then re-fitted the lock and put the glovebox back into the car.

More replacement wood trim was fitted to the dash centre and side panels. The heater also had its wood trim replaced. As this was being made, the hole for the switch was found to be in the wrong place so Brian had to modify this to fit.

Rubber surrounds were fitted to the switch and to the gearshift panel before Brian fitted everything back into the car.

Work wasn’t done on our 420SL though as Brian also repaired a scuff in the roof hood.

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