Work begins on our 2003 MG ZT V8

Picture of By Nick Skinner
By Nick Skinner

Marketing Executive/Photographer

The workshop here at Bridge Classic Cars is always busy! But this week we’ve had the pleasure of having this 2003 MG ZT V8 on the centre ramp under the careful eye of our technician Jon.

Jon noted that the car had lost some coolant after a road test. After leaving the car to safely cool down, Jon carried out a chemical block test to see whether any hydrocarbons from the exhaust had made their way into the coolant which signifies a leak somewhere in the system. All was ok and nothing was contaminated, Jon reports that he believes the seal on the radiator cap had gone bad.

Next, Jon turned his attention to the brakes on this V8 super saloon. He began by stripping down the front brakes, blowing out the handbrake shoes and fitting a new seat of discs. While there, Jon also quickly repainted the caliper after adjusting the handbrake shoes.

Jon then began work on the front end of the car. This involved removing the front wheels and the stripping down the front brakes. Whilst in there, he also removed and cleaned up the Ohlins struts back to their former glory before fitting them with new springs and fitting back onto the car. Like the rear, Job took the time to repaint the calipers to make this early 2000’s muscle saloon look the absolute business. However, upon rebuilding the offside front caliper, he found that it had seized.

After that, Jon head inside the car to fix a couple of small issues such as a blocked washer jet and a 12v power socket not working – both of which were fixed. Then, he began to work on the exhaust of the car. He removed the offside rear silencer, removing the mounting straps and then fitted the new silencers to the car except he found that new silencer didn’t fit quite as it should so the original unit had to go back onto the car, but whilst there he repositioned the central rear mount as it was contacting the axle of the car under articulation.

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