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By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Classic car technician James has been conducting an appraisal of our 1980 Volvo 245GL. James found that:

On the surface, the bodywork and overall condition appeared to be good on top. Underneath however there are several areas of corrosion, some heavy surface rust on the front and rear suspension components, and some more extensive corrosion needing repair in other areas, such as the nearside floor to sill along most of its length and the offside floor to sill at the front and rear. The offside rear has had a previous repair but needs rework, and a hole in the upper inner wheel arch needs to be addressed.

James checked the state of the car ahead of an MOT. To make sure the car passes, it will need a new headlamp on the driver’s side as the reflector is dull, both indicator/side lamp lenses are holed and discoloured, wipers and a windscreen, all of the tyres are perished and cracked (despite having good tread) and the rear brakes are binding.

The front brakes are corroded, as expected after being stood for so long, and there appears to be a slight leak from the rocker cover gasket. Due to the age and unknown history, James has recommended a cam belt change and a full service.

Otherwise, the exhaust and brake hoses look to have been done and are in good condition, but the battery will need replacing. There is slight play in both inner steering rack joints and James was unsure if the additional alarm is connected or if it would cause future issues in the future.

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