TR5 completion!

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

You can read about the full story of this car here!

At the start of November 2019, this 1968 Triumph TR5 came into our workshop as a part restoration. In January 2020, the components were stripped to assess which parts could be refurbished and which parts needed to be replaced. In February 2020, the interior work began and the chassis was built up. In March 2020 the seats were finished, the body shell was repaired and we welcomed in a delivery of parts. In April 2020 more body shell repair work was carried out. In October 2020 the body was mounted onto the chassis and electronics were carried out. In November 2020 heat resistant paint was applied to areas. In January 2021 engine bay work was carried out, work on corrosion was carried out, colour matching to the paintwork was done and windows were fitted. And from then to June this year, the finishing touches were put into place.

Fast forward to today, where the car is now complete and ready to go!

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