The Wheels Are On

By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

The wheels have been put on our Ford Transit MKII Tipper.

Once they were back on, a team of technicians (and some marketing folk too!) moved it from one ramp to another, ready for the next stage of its restoration to begin.

Moving it wasn’t quite as simple as you might expect though, as the steering wheel was unable to be fitted, as Steve is still waiting for some parts to arrive before that can go back on.

As much as he would normally wait for the steering wheel to be fitted before moving the Tipper, unfortunately, the parts required are still a couple of weeks away so, despite being more challenging than we hoped, it was moved onto its new ramp and work will continue to bring this classic Transit back to life.

Steve has also started to fit up the front and rear brakes and suspension.

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