The Ferrari Roma Spider Is Here

By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

The brand new Ferrari Roma Spider has been revealed – and it certainly seems to be causing quite a stir.

This 612bhp V8 convertible supercar is the first front-engined Ferrari to have a fabric roof since 1969 when the 365 GTS4 was released. The new Spider is heavier than the Roma Coupe (84kg heavier, in fact) but the added weight is mostly the result of the roof storage and wind deflector that helps increase comfort and aerodynamics.

The wind deflector rotates the backrest of the rear seats into a position where it sits behind the driver and passenger’s head. This clever design is deployed with the press of a small button on the centre console. Speaking of the centre console, the new Spider has the familiar Roma dual-cockpit look thanks to the high position of the control panel.

Performance figures are pretty impressive too with 612bhp being generated from the 3.9-litre V8 turbo. 0-62mph is done in 3.4 seconds and you can carry on all the way up to just under 200mph. It also has an 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox and it sounds even better than previous models thanks to the new exhaust tune.

The roof can be opened or folded away in 13.5 seconds and this can be done at any speed up to 37mph. Inside the car, the driver benefits from an 8.4-inch central display and, as an optional extra, a screen can be added to the passenger side too.

A Ferrari like this certainly won’t come cheap and the UK price point has not yet been confirmed by Ferrari. However, a smart guess would be that it will be more expensive than the coupe which currently starts from around £175,000. This might make it an unobtainable car to most but, even admiring it from a distance, you can’t help but appreciate its stunning looks.

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