The Aston Martin DB12 Has Arrived

By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

The brand-new Aston Martin DB12 is here following its unveiling last night. Being advertised as delivering a quantum shift in sporting character and dynamic capability, this marks the beginning of the next generation of the DB breed. The brand has certainly not been shy in pushing just how special they see this car being as it comes with the very powerful label of the World’s First Super Tourer.

Aston Martin say that the DB12 has been engineered to deliver exceptional performance and handling while also coming with a whole new level of luxury and style. Its chassis is perfectly matched to a class-leading 680PS/800NM V8 Twin-Turbo powertrain which has resulted in a driving experience that even the most demanding of drivers will enjoy.

Fitted with Michelin Pilot Sport 5 S tyres which have been made to Aston Martin’s precise specifications and supported by an all-new suspension system featuring the latest adaptive dampers, the DB12 delivers incredible control and driver connection. An Electronic Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) system and an Electronic Rear Differential (E-Diff) further enhance the car’s handling and agility.

A new addition to the DB line would be exciting enough, but the DB12 comes at an extra special time, as 2023 marks 110 years of Aston Martin and 75 years since the introduction of the DB family. This new generation of Aston Martin sports cars takes us into a new era for the brand and is one that will bring heightened performance, technology, style, and craftsmanship.

Roberto Fedeli, Group Chief Technology Officer of Aston Martin said of the new DB12: “DB12 is a statement car. One that asserts Aston Martin’s position as a leader in performance, dynamics, engineering and technology. We have pushed every aspect of this car to be best-in-class. The result is more power and performance than its rivals. Combined with exceptional handling and an exciting soundtrack, it is a car with passion and a truly sporting character. Crucially, thanks to its breadth of capability we have achieved this without compromising refinement, comfort and luxury. Together with our use of industry-leading dynamic control and infotainment systems, DB12 is the start of Aston Martin’s most exciting new era.”

Aston Martin DB12 Performance

Not much needs to be said about the performance of the DB12 as the numbers do a great job of speaking for themselves. With a 0-60mph time of 3.5 seconds, a top speed of 202mph comes from its hand-built 4-litre Twin-Turbo V8 engine. Performance has increased by 34% from its DB11 predecessor with the DB12 generating 680PS/671bhp at 6000rpm and 800Nm/590 lb-ft between 2750-6000rpm

This big jump in performance comes from modified cam profiles, optimised compression ratios, larger diameter turbochargers, and increased cooling. In fact, as there is increased thermal demand for the DB12 to deal with, the cooling system has been completely redesigned, with an additional two auxiliary coolers added to the existing central main radiator. To ensure that desired engine intake air temperatures are achieved in all conditions, an additional low-temperature radiator has been fitted to the charge cooler water circuit too.

Also, the auxiliary outboard engine oil cooler now has over double the face area of the DB11 in order to manage the demands on the lubrication circuit. A 56% increase in open apertures allows more cold air to flow into the radiators while the centrally-mounted bonnet vents allow hot air to escape.


8-speed automatic transmission and an Electronic Rear Differential (the first time this has been used on a DB model), deliver the vast power that the DB12 can unleash. This E-Diff can go from being fully open to completely locked in milliseconds which makes for precise and consistent handling.

When in GT mode, the Aston Martin DB12 is comfortable and incredibly refined but, change to Sport or Sport+ mode and the car hunkers down, responds even quicker and is even tighter in its level of control. Aston Martin has put a lot of effort into making sure that, despite the DB12’s responsiveness, it doesn’t respond aggressively. Instead, the car is intuitive and allows the driver to simply enjoy being behind the wheel of this very special car.

When it comes to the brakes, the standard option is cast-iron 400mm front discs and 360mm rear discs. However, these can be upgraded to Aston’s Carbon Ceramic Brake (CCB) option. Not only does this save 27kg compared to the standard brakes, but it also increases brake performance while reducing brake fade at temperatures of up to 800°C.

The DB12 is the first to use the new Michelin Pilot Sport 5 S tyres. This wasn’t quite good enough for Aston though so you will notice the tyres are marked with ‘AML’ codes to signify that they feature a bespoke compound, and have been tuned by the dynamics team at Aston Martin. They also feature noise-cancelling polyurethane foam inserts which reduce tyre ‘hum’ transmitted to the car’s interior by 20%.

To get the very best out of the DB12, the 21-inch forged alloy wheels are 8kg lighter than the previous 20-inch versions.


The DB12 has a more muscular-looking body which is a clear nod to the power it can unleash. The front end is new and features a larger, re-shaped radiator aperture and splitter. Even the iconic Aston Martin wings badge on the nose is the latest evolution, further highlighting how the brand is moving into a new era of sports cars.

The aerodynamic profile of the car has also been improved thanks to the new smaller, and frameless wing mirrors, while the presenting door handles are the perfect way to enter the ultra-luxurious cabin.

Marek Reichman, Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer of Aston Martin said that the “DB12 is our design definition of a Super Tourer. Historically, the GT code among most contemporary enthusiasts meant some semblance of comfort, speed, and refinement. But since the Aston Martin customer is no ordinary motorist, and we no longer simply design objects in and of themselves, we’ve fused everything together on the DB12 — the handling, dynamics, powertrain, sense of space, and styling— and we’ve done it to the max through technology to deliver this new category of performance-design driving experience.

“We know that when the owner of an Aston Martin heads out for open-road driving at the upper limits, hoping to reach those exhilarating moments of perfection, they are seeking the thrills of speed and performance while safely commanding control of their experience. DB12 intuitively knows what the driver is wanting and effortlessly gives them that optimal combination at any driving moment. It’s this total experience that separates the DB12 as the first breed of Super Tourer”.

The latest addition to Aston Martin’s most illustrious bloodline, DB12 exemplifies the brand by boldly moving forward. That wholesale progression is reflected in the DB12’s styling, which features an all-new front-end treatment, wider stance and more muscular surfaces for increased presence. The interior has also been completely redesigned, with clean horizontal lines emphasising the sense of space and providing the perfect contemporary backdrop for new a new state-of-the-art infotainment system. Emphatically fresh yet unmistakably Aston Martin, DB12 defines the new breed of Super Tourer.”

What could be one of the most appealing offers from Aston Martin is the ability for customers to personalise their DB12 in pretty much any way they can think of. Whether a small detail is wanted all the way up to full-scale engineering and production of bespoke components, it will be possible to make your DB12 a completely unique 1-of-1 car.

DB12 Interior

As you would expect from Aston Martin, the interior of the DB12 is something very special. It’s clean, and contemporary, and perfectly highlights the class-leading craftsmanship that the brand has become known for. Hand-stitched Bridge of Weir hides and stylish trim details create a driving environment that is meant to be enjoyed while your focus remains on getting the most out of your road trip. There are even new quilts that have been introduced with the DB12 to compliment the full leather or Alcantara interior.

The DB12 is all about evolution and moving into the next generation, so the infotainment system is entirely bespoke and has been designed and developed by Aston Martin themselves. This is actually the marque’s first in-house system and features a huge range of driving aids and entertainment options.

Aston Martin DB12

Amedeo Felisa, Chief Executive Officer of Aston Martin, said of the new DB12: “When a brand has as much history as Aston Martin it is important to honour the past. Not by looking back, but by pushing on with the same energy and passion that propelled our founders 110 years ago. With the new DB12 we are reinvigorating the DB model line and reasserting Aston Martin as a maker of truly exceptional performance sportscars. By combining class-leading performance and exceptional chassis dynamics with cutting-edge technology, impeccable craftsmanship and immaculate design, DB12 leads Aston Martin into a new era of excellence.”

First deliveries of the DB12 are scheduled to begin during Q3 of this year so we don’t have long to wait to see the World’s First Super Tourer out on the road.

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