Templates For Our C-Type Replica

Picture of By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Classic car technician Brian has been making templates for various parts of the interior of our Bridge C-Type Replica.

He started by removing the seats and loosening the seat belts before making a paper pattern for the rear gearbox tunnel. A pattern also had to be made for the centre tunnel section.

Once he had made a pattern for the gearbox tunnel cover, Brian went on make the pattern for the front section of the gearbox tunnel.

After the gearbox tunnel, Brian made patterns for the front end of the tunnel that joins the bulkhead and for the cover around the gear shift lever.

Patterns for the front footwell sections were next to be made before the bulkhead patterns were made too.

Once all the patterns had been made, Brian glued vinyl around the edges of the gear shift surround and hand brake surround. Vinyl was then glued to the edges of the gearbox tunnel sections so no metal was showing between the covers when they are joined together.

The tunnel covers were cut out of hardura material before being trial fitted into the car.

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