Bruce Springsteen’s Unifying SuperBowl Message Features The Iconic Jeep

Bruce Springsteen stars in Jeep’s Superbowl commercial with a heartfelt message of finding unity and peace. The video is in celebration of Jeep’s 80th anniversary and a call for Americans to find a ‘common ground’.

In the film entitled ‘The Middle’, Springsteen drives a 1980 Jeep CJ-5 convertible, and seen stationary is a 1965 CJ-5, still present with its ‘Willys’ badge.

In a statement, Global Chief Marketing Officer for Stellantis, Olivier Francois, said, ‘The Middle’ is a celebration of the Jeep brand’s 80-year anniversary and, more timely, it is a call to all Americans to come together and seek common ground as we look collectively to the road ahead.”