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A Short Film Based On Group B Rallying

If you are a rally fan then you have likely heard about Group B rallying. Before its ban in the 1980s, it featured some of the most powerful and truly spectacular rally cars ever seen.

Richard Madden, of Game of Thrones and Bodyguard fame, stars in a short film all about Group B rallying which is well worth a watch.

Ady’s Project: The Vauxhall Chevette Rebuild

Ady has been working on his own project car, a Vauxhall Chevette which he is rebuilding himself. He’s currently working on the limited-slip differential.

Ady’s plan is to fit a Ford engine and a Ford Escort rear axel to support it. This Vauxhall will be an entire custom build rally car. He’s first doing a trial run of the build to work out what he need buy, fix and make before he builds properly. Ady has a long history in rally and kit car racing so he’s quite the expert. We can’t wait to see the final car!