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We’ve got a number of new cars gracing our workshop soon. Keep an eye out on our social media pages and website for their grand

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1967 Jaguar E-Type Race Replica Featured In Car And Classic Magazine – December 2020

We’re delighted to see that our treasured 1967 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Race Car has been featured in Car and Classic’s recent online magazine as well as listed on their for sale section.

You can read the full article here.

This beautifully written article by Chris Pollitt really does highlight the hard work our team put into our Jaguar E-Type project.

We, of course, love this car but it’s even more rewarding to see others appreciate it. We hope that from this, our Jaguar will soon make its way to a new home.

If you’re interested in purchasing it, you can see more about its specifications here.

“The build, which was complete this year, took over three years in total. This is down to the fastidious nature of the team at Bridge, and also the desire for this car to be perfect, not rushed.”

“It’s become more than just an E Type. It’s something more. Something exciting, something unique and something so loaded with personality and character it makes other E Types look… muted?”

Coming Soon

We’ve got a number of new cars gracing our workshop soon. Keep an eye out on our social media pages and website for their grand arrival.

1974 VW Beetle

We’ve got an exciting new competition vehicle coming in soon. Currently residing in Scotland, this beautiful Lime Green Beetle will be up for grabs in the near future!

Watch this space..

The 1972 Chevron B20 

We’re proud to represent a 1972 Chevron B20 Formula 2 race car. Although this, unfortunately, won’t be a giveaway car, it will be up for sale sometime in the near future on our website!

This beautiful vintage vehicle was originally designed as a single-seat racer for Formula 2.

We can’t wait to have such a unique vehicle in our workshop.

1967 Jaguar E Type Racecar Update

Tom has been making superb progress on our Jaguar E-Type Race car. The ethos of this build has always been to keep weight to a minimum, delivering the rawest possible E-Type racing experience whilst highlighting the incredible skill of our engineers. This car will meet all road legal requirements whilst being hugely competitive on the racetrack.

Tom has installed the custom rear quarter lights.

We created a template to shape the rear window perspex perfectly to the window frame before cutting to size.

The wiper motor is now installed.

Front headlights have been test fitted with custom moulded lightweight perspex. These still need to be trimmed to shape and fitted with sealing rubbers.

Tom has custom made a fuel pipe breather that is fitted within the fuel pipe line. This allows air to escape as the vehicle is being refuelled.

The E-Type handbrake has been sandblasted and powder coated by Darren and Chris in the paint shop. It’s now ready to be fitted into the car.

Tom has fabricated a custom seat frame from steel tubes. The seat runners have been installed onto the steel frame.

We have now fitted the rear window and rubbers. Picture left is the window being test-fitted, picture right is the completed job.

Last but by no means least for today’s E-Type update. The old wheel spinners have now been replaced with new, chrome spinners.

Great work, Tom. We’re inching ever closer to completion now. The next major task is to complete the wiring.

Racing Jaguar E-Type: Custom Door Inlays

Kath has been hard at work on our unique Jaguar E-Type Racecar. The interior is going to be very different to any other E-Type. The stripped out, lightweight interior will be functional, sleek and stylish.

Kath has made door panel inlays in orange leather. She’s marked out the leather before backing onto board, trimming off any excess.

Kath has then sewn around the edges in a slightly lighter contrasting shade of orange. She has then glued them into position within the metal doorframe with contact adhesive. There will be some additional components to come on our door panels but they are already looking great.

Two Vehicles Depart the Bridge Classic Car Showroom This Week

Our 1962 TVR Grantura Racecar and our 1993 Mini Rio have both left the showroom this week.

Our gorgeous collectable classic Grantura was registered to TVR in 1962. BEM 885 was raced with an MGA engine until the engine failed. It was taken back to TVR’s factory and changed to a sunbeam rapier engine that is still in place to this day. We are delighted to hear the new owner plans to restore and race the vehicle.

Originally adorned in the TVR race colours of white with blue stripes. It’s been painted different colours over the years and is now in a lovely deep claret.

BEM885 was raced very successfully in the early 60s, initially by Arne Lambe and W R Bennet. It was later hill climbed by Geoff Taylor. It was regularly seen in the early 80s at Prescott when it was owned by Douglas Mainstone and once restored, will grace the racetrack once more.

The 1993 Mini Rio is a lovely little classic with tonnes of potential. It is uneconomical for us to restore, however it perfectly suits a home restoration. And that is exactly what’s in store for this lovely mini. A father and son team from Cambridgeshire will be embarking on this project. We cannot wait to hear how they get on giving this Mini a new lease of life.

1962 TVR Grantura Racecar

Work is continuing on our TVR Racecar. We’re replacing the shock absorbers with brand new replacements from GAZ. The other photos will be used as a reference for the vehicles re-assembly.