Behind The Scenes: Double Jensens

The marketing team went up with Workshop manager, John last week to photograph the two Jensen’s that have just left us. Whilst Ellie shot the main visuals, Freddie worked on a behind the scenes video.

The final photos, shown below, have been sent on to the client and will feature online.

Behind The Scenes – 1969 Mini Deluxe MKII

We headed out to Bentwaters to shoot our classic 1969 Mini Deluxe, which is one of three of our most recent mini madness competition release. This mini in particular comes bursting with stories and personality including its own Mini World magazine feature, untouched fuel ration tokens are beautifully aged interior.

Charlotte came to help out with the driving and sat for some portraits and more editorial photos. We love having people involved with the cars as we find it brings the car to life, and with Charlotte being our talented presenter, she’s perfect to also sit in for photos and videos. Prior to each shoot Freddie and Ellie organise with Charlotte what she’s going to wear for each car to match the style, and how we’re going to pitch the visuals.

The log pile made for a great location to shoot this darling classic, as the tones of the mini match the timber perfectly.

Freddie shooting his videos for the mini:

We also get Charlotte to drive our cars around Bentwaters for Freddie to shoot his video. We’re lucky to have access to Bentwaters for our shoots and videos. We have a hanger here on base and find that Bentwaters provides a perfect selection of back drops.

Behind The Scenes – 1980 Mini 1275 GT

Last week we ventured out with our friend and model, Hannah, to shoot our 1980 Mini 1275 GT, which you now know is one of three of our grand mini reveal. This characterful orange classic is not only fun to look at, but also fun to drive. For Hannah, it is her dream car, making her the ideal candidate to model and drive this competition car.

As usual, the team splits into two divisions with Freddie tackling the video aspects and Ellie taking on the photography. By splitting responsibilities and time like this, the team can swiftly get through multiple car shoots in a day, creating content for all our social media outlets.

As we usually do, we shot in RAF Bentwaters where we have a hanger. Driving up and down the 1.3 mile run way, we captured our videos and photos of this spritely orange classic.

We were lucky to have fair weather on this shoot after the unlucky spell of bad weather recently which makes shooting cars in difficult.

We always aim to shoot multiple galleries of each car, including the main product photos you see, the portraits and motion ones, but where we can, we also like to pick a second destination to shoot in to create a wider diversity of photos.

Behind The Scenes: Ford Escort RS Turbo

A while back we shot some stunning photos of our lovely 1988 Ford Escort RS Turbo with model Carnell (@carnage_kicks).

Using a smoke granade to create an artistic approach, we spent the afternoon shooting a series of interesting portraits with the car as well as capturing our standard shots.

This car is currently up for sale, you can see more here.

Behind The Scenes: Alfa Romeo Photoshoot

We take a look behind the scenes on our photoshoot of one of our most recent for sale cars, this stunning 1972 Alfa Romeo Spider Series 2.

We took the Alfa Romeo out onto some Suffolk roads to take some photos of the nippy red convertible in action however with the road becoming busier and busier, we decided to head back to Bentwaters and snap some shots as the sun went down. This is a stunning example of an Italian classic made for an easy shoot.

You can check out this Alfa on our for sale page here.

Behind The Scenes: 1974 VW Beetle

Join us on our new series: Behind The Scenes. Although we give frequent behind the scenes updates on our workshop, we wanted to show you some of the process that goes into our visuals.

With every competition car and for sale car, we arrange a full photo shoot to capture our beloved classics in the best possible light. Some of these shoots include models and locations and some include members of the Bridge Classic Car team hopping in and helping out at Bentwaters. No matter the setup, the aim is always the same. To tell a story and capture the car in the best way.

We recently held a photoshoot for the 1974 Cliff Green VW Beetle up at our hanger at Bentwaters. We’re lucky to have an access all areas agreement with the base, which allows us to shoot in locations otherwise not accessible to the public.

For this shoot, we had one of our technicians, Tom. as the support vehicle driver, with Freddie shooting from the support vehicle and Ellie driving the Beetle. This set up allows Freddie to shoot the moving photos and videos you see on our website and socials.