Behind The Scenes: 1974 VW Beetle

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Join us on our new series: Behind The Scenes. Although we give frequent behind the scenes updates on our workshop, we wanted to show you some of the process that goes into our visuals.

With every competition car and for sale car, we arrange a full photo shoot to capture our beloved classics in the best possible light. Some of these shoots include models and locations and some include members of the Bridge Classic Car team hopping in and helping out at Bentwaters. No matter the setup, the aim is always the same. To tell a story and capture the car in the best way.

We recently held a photoshoot for the 1974 Cliff Green VW Beetle up at our hanger at Bentwaters. We’re lucky to have an access all areas agreement with the base, which allows us to shoot in locations otherwise not accessible to the public.

For this shoot, we had one of our technicians, Tom. as the support vehicle driver, with Freddie shooting from the support vehicle and Ellie driving the Beetle. This set up allows Freddie to shoot the moving photos and videos you see on our website and socials.

After the moving shots are completed on the runway, we then managed to discover the scenic winter backdrop of the logs you’ll see in the background of the Beetle stationary shots. This is where Ellie took the 360 shots and focused on the details as the winter sunset set the scene for a foggy and dramatic evening shoot.

Freddie also took the Beetle to our iconic photo spot on Bentwaters to take a second round of shots. We also aim to have a ‘location’ shoot and a standard shoot for each car. This means we have plenty of content to share, whether its keeping it sleek and simple or adding a bit more of a story and aesthetic to the visuals.

You can keep up to date with our behind the scenes videos on our Instagram page under ‘BTS’ highlights! Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook stories as well as we often put up sneak peaks on there too!

We also offer photoshoots as a service, so if you’d like your beloved motor photographed by the team at Bridge Classic Cars, click the link here.

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