Behind The Scenes – 1980 Mini 1275 GT

Last week we ventured out with our friend and model, Hannah, to shoot our 1980 Mini 1275 GT, which you now know is one of three of our grand mini reveal. This characterful orange classic is not only fun to look at, but also fun to drive. For Hannah, it is her dream car, making her the ideal candidate to model and drive this competition car.

As usual, the team splits into two divisions with Freddie tackling the video aspects and Ellie taking on the photography. By splitting responsibilities and time like this, the team can swiftly get through multiple car shoots in a day, creating content for all our social media outlets.

As we usually do, we shot in RAF Bentwaters where we have a hanger. Driving up and down the 1.3 mile run way, we captured our videos and photos of this spritely orange classic.

We were lucky to have fair weather on this shoot after the unlucky spell of bad weather recently which makes shooting cars in difficult.

We always aim to shoot multiple galleries of each car, including the main product photos you see, the portraits and motion ones, but where we can, we also like to pick a second destination to shoot in to create a wider diversity of photos.

Behind The Scenes: 1972 Chevron B20

Join us on the third instalment in our new series: Behind The Scenes. Although we give frequent behind the scenes updates on our workshop, we wanted to show you some of the processes that go into our visuals.

With every competition car and for sale car, we arrange a full photo shoot to capture our beloved classics in the best possible light. Some of these shoots include models and locations and some include members of the Bridge Classic Car team hopping in and helping out at Bentwaters. No matter the setup, the aim is always the same. To tell a story and capture the car in the best way.

It was a particularly cold and seemingly dreary morning when we set out to photograph our Chevron B20. Not wanting to risk attempting to start it, and without a racing driver, we pushed the Chevron over to the runway that would act as our backdrop. We soon realised that the thunderous skies cast the perfect mood for such a powerful and foreboding car. Having survived an extreme crash, giving the driver a near-death experience, this beastly motor is not something to misjudge. Not only does this car hold a historic past, but it also holds an early Ford Cosworth engine, now thought to be extremely valuable. As the sun peeked behind the clouds, oranges and pinks tinted the charcoal skies.

We shot for a while, even giving it a go to sit behind the wheel which we soon discovered was just as hard as driving it. The sleek body leaves little room inside the car. Specially designed for the driver in mind and to be as aerodynamic as possible, the interior is simple. Soon the skies began to change and we switched sets to the Hush House, a building originally designed as a jet engine testing facility with an impressive exhaust tunnel.

Here we shot our video and a few creative light trail photos as seen below.

You can keep up to date with our behind the scenes videos on our Instagram page under ‘BTS’ highlights! Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook stories as well as we often put up sneak peaks on there too!

We also offer photoshoots as a service, so if you’d like your beloved motor photographed by the team at Bridge Classic Cars, click the link here.

Bridge Classic Cars – Photo Shoots

If you own a classic car, you may feel like it’s as much a part of your family as the family dog, or perhaps even the kids? (Cars certainly answer back less…)

Either way, there’s absolutely no denying the unique bond you have with that metal box on wheels. It’s your pride and joy.

Which is why at Bridge Classic Cars we don’t just restore and sell classic cars, we offer a range of other services to help you cherish your classic forever.

Our professional photo shoots capture your pride and joy at her very best, keeping her memory alive even when she may be gone. It’s the perfect way to celebrate your prised possession.

If you’re struggling to find the ideal gift for the classic car enthusiast that has everything, our bespoke photo shoot packages are the perfect gift for the car lover in your life.

Whether it’s photographs of just the car, or with the family, we can shoot on location, include models, a champagne lunch – whatever you like! We’d love to discuss your vision and bring them to life.

For more inspiration, check out some of our previous photo shoots below.

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