modern mercedes

Refurb – Wheels from the 2012 Mercedes SLK250

The wheels on the 2012 Mercedes SLK have seen better days. There’s some corrosion and paint flaking around the hub centres which is a common occurrence on this generation of Mercedes wheels. But, they can be refurbished!

Our good friends over at WheelWorx came down to the Pettistree workshop to assess the wheels and then safely remove them from the car to be taken back to their workshops to be entirely refurbished for this beautiful modern Mercedes convertible. Once these are back on the car, we can’t wait to show you the rest of it.

Mercedes CLK 200 Finished

Our 2006 Mercedes CLK200 came in for some small paint and bodywork touch ups which have now been completed. The wheel arch dent has been worked out and the front bumper which suffered from stone chips has been repainted.