This Just In – 1977 MG B Roadster for Restoration

New to the Bridge Classic Cars workshop is this 1977 MG B Roadster. It is in with us for a full aesthetic restoration which will include a brand new paint job along with a full interior, a new convertible hood and a new radio.

Work will begin shortly and getting this iconic sportscar stripped down and ready for our in-house paint team to work their magic on the car.

Expect to see much more on this MG B Roadster on the news page on the Bridge Classic Cars blog.

Dawn of a New Era – Recommissioning a 1973 MGB Roadster

All classics need some attention. They need to be checked, kept happy and kept running.

This 1973 MG B Roadster has come into us here at Bridge Classic Cars for just that. It is in to be recommissioned after laying dormant for a while.

Our technician Paul has begun work on getting this lovely, honest example of a true British sports car back on the road. To begin with, Paul stripped down the iconic twin-carburettors to make sure that the throaty 4 cylinder was getting all the air and fuel it needed.

With the carb refresh complete, it was a case of bolting them back up to the manifold to check the next part in the combustion cycle. The Spark.

To read more about that, check the News Page for updates very soon!

MGB’s New Luxurious Water

Our MGB has transition to the luxurious Evans water for its engine which is waterless coolant to accompany the new water pipe. We first need to drain and flush the system with engine flush and then top it up with Evans coolant. We’re also waiting on a new battery isolator switch to arrive so we can fit that.

Two Special Classics Off Home Soon

We’re delighted to announce that two of our classics have been finished and will be sent off to their owner in Germany very soon. The Tundra MG B was finished a while ago and has been sitting in storage whilst we completed the TR6 but now is the first chance we’ve had to have them both finished and side by side.

With just a few final touches to be made to the Magenta TR6, these two stunning classics will soon be ending their time with us. Watch this space…

MG B V8 Arrival

We’ve been working on the engine for this MG B V8 and now the rest of the car has finally come in for us to fit the engine.

MGB V8 Carb Strip

Ady has been stripping the carbs down on our MGB V8 so that he can inspect, clean and put them back together.

1975 MG B Roadster In for Repairs

This lovely 1975 MG B was restored by us here at Bridge Classic Cars last year. It’s been brought in by its owner to fix some running issues with the engine. Upon inspection Ady assessed that the running issues were caused by low fuel pump pressure which would occur after a few miles of driving.

A new fuel pump has been fitted to remedy this issue. Whilst the car was up in the air we’ve noticed a small oil leak coming from the drivers side driveshaft. One of the Inner collars had cracked, allowing oil to break through the seal. We’ve since fixed this by replacing the collar and reassembling the rear hub assembly, ready for this MG B to be taken back out onto the open road.