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Ready to Go – Work on the 1971 MG B Roadster Ready to Head Home!

The Bridge Classic Cars team have finished up the final pieces of work on the 1971 MG B Roadster to get it ready to head off to its new home.

Previously, the team went to check the timing on the classic roadster only to find the fuel pump had died. This was removed and a new unit was sent out overnight to fit onto the car. While waiting for the new pieces, the team worked on getting the front-end of the MG B perfectly aligned and tracking straight and true.

The new fuel pump was fitted onto the car and the team could begin to check the hot start on the car. During that time, our technician Jon had to carry out a small, delicate wiring repair in the distributor. After this, the car ran absolutely perfectly.

Now, with everything finished up on the beautiful convertible, it was time for it to head off to its new owner.

Progress – Update on the 1971 MG B Roadster

The workshop team at Bridge Classic Cars have been working on getting the final bits and pieces sorted on the 1971 MG B Roadster before it heads off to its new home.

To begin with, the team at our Suffolk HQ discovered a crack in one of the flexi-hoses so that has been replaced with a new piece and all others were fully inspected and found to be ok.

Next, the team could fit the new brake master and wheel cylinder. This was installed into the car with all of the necessary pipework fitted up before the system can be filled and bled.

Finally, the new points and condenser could be fit into the distributor and the timing checked.