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Behind the Scenes – Shooting the 1991 Mercedes Benz SL300

The latest Bridge Classic Cars Competitions prize is, our 1991 Mercedes Benz SL300.

The classic Mercedes GT car has previously been through our workshop to be fully inspected by the workshop team in order to be ok’d for filming.

The classic Mercedes has also had its optional hardtop retrimmed by the team at the Bridge Classic Cars Suffolk HQ.

The team set off from our storage facility, The Hangar, with the stunning 6-cylinder pulling away smoothly through its long-legged automatic gearbox. The perfect companion for the bright, brilliant sunshine that washed over the Suffolk countryside.

The beautiful silver paintwork danced the light across its meaningful angular shape, complimented by its dark red interior.

Lap after lap, the classic Mercedes worked faultlessly in comfort, style and grace as you expect with all 1990s Mercedes. In every situation, this beautiful example is always the right choice.

And now you, could win this very car with Bridge Classic Cars Competitions. Head over to the website now and get your tickets!

This Just In – 1991 Mercedes Benz SL300

Just arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop at our Suffolk HQ is this stunning 1991 Mercedes Benz SL300 R129.

The classic convertible Mercedes will be inspected by our restoration teams to check over the car and compile their condition report to see if anything needs doing to get this beautiful silver sports car in the best shape possible.

Keep a look out on the Bridge Classic News page for more on the 1991 Mercedes Benz SL300 very soon.

This Just In – 1969 Mercedes Benz 220

Just arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars restoration HQ in Suffolk is this 1969 Mercedes Benz 220.

The classic German saloon will be going into the various departments for our restoration teams to inspect and assess before compiling their findings and reporting back on the car.

Keep a look out on the Bridge Classic Cars news page very soon for more on the 1969 Mercedes Benz 220.

Getting Sorted – Work on our 2005 Mercedes Benz Vito

Our 2005 Mercedes Benz Vito is the trusty workhorse of the Bridge Classic Cars fleet. It is used by our transport team across the country delivering cars or locally to pick up parts or move our classics from the workshop to Bentwaters or specialist etc.

The team thought it was time to address a couple of bits and pieces that needed sorting on the van so it was handed over to our workshop and then to our paint and body team.

The workshop team began by inspecting and overhauling the brakes on the Vito as they needed attention. Tom, one of our technicians, completely stripped back and replaced any components which needed to be replaced. During this time, the team could have a look at a few areas of corrosion on the lower parts of the quarter panels.

Once the fabrication team had cut out all the corrosion, the new panels could be carefully welded into before the paint and body team took over to refine the areas and work on some of the door latches ahead of the van going into paint to have those areas blended in.

With the paint and body team now working on the trusty Vito, the guys could start to prepare the areas which had been worked on as well as areas which had general wear and tear in order to refresh the whole van. A few deep scratches were flattened back and filled along with making sure the areas which had been welded were in perfect shape before going into the booth to be painted.

Guarded – Raptorgaurding the Inner Wings and Bulkhead of the 1987 Mercedes 500SL

The inner wings and several pieces of the bulkhead from the 1987 Mercedes 500SL have been finished in thick durable Raptorguard by the Bridge Classic Cars in-house paint shop.

Alan, one of our painters, has been working on completing this task as part of the final paint stages on the classic Mercedes R107. This stage involved coating several key areas of the car with a thick, durable Raptorguard. This particular product seals the surface from any form of moisture that can find its way inside the metal. So, the team have finished the inside of the front wings and several key parts of the bulkhead and heater matrix.

With this done and now curing, the team can soon begin reassembly of the classic Mercedes 500SL.

Final Push – Priming the Last Panels for the 1987 Mercedes 500SL

The final panels and trims for the 1987 Mercedes 500SL in for restoration have been prepared and primed by the Bridge Classic Cars in-house paint shop.

Alan, one of our painters, has been carefully preparing each individual piece before carefully loading them onto the jigs in our in-house paint booth before laying down the first coats of epoxy primer. After these had flashed off and began to cure, Alan laid several coats of high-build primer for the body shop team to begin working on before they head back in to be finished in matching Dark Grey to the rest of the car.

Colour Matched – Painting the Bonnet on the 1987 Mercedes 500SL

The bonnet of the 1987 Mercedes 500SL has been taken into the Bridge Classic Cars paint shop to be painted by our in-house paint team.

The piece has been beautifully prepared and readied to go into the booth with our painter Alan to shoot the layers of Selenit Grey needed to complete the deep, glossy paintwork which has been done to the body of the classic Mercedes.

Piece by Piece – Painting the Bonnet and Boot on the 1987 Mercedes 500SL

The bonnet and boot of the 1987 Mercedes 500SL have been into the Bridge Classic Cars paint shop to be finished in the matching Selenit Grey to the rest of the bodywork.

Alan has been carefully preparing and readying the panels before they went into the booth to get the perfect finish identical to the rest of the classic Mercedes.

The Pursuit of Perfection – The 1987 Mercedes 500SL in Colour

The 1987 Mercedes 500SL has been moved from the preparation area at Bridge Classic Cars into the paint shop and then, into our in-house paint booth/oven.

The paint and body team, along with the fabrication shop, have spent a lot of time getting the classic R107 ready for its date with the paint booth making sure each part, panel and piece was perfect before beginning the painting process.

The car is being finished in a classic Mercedes colour, Selenet Grey. Most notably seen on the classic 280SL Pagodas, it was chosen to compliment the beautiful burgundy red interior that the trim team have made for the car.

So, with the car ready it was time for Alan and Nick to go into the booth with the car and lay down the first coat onto the body of the SL. Starting with the engine bay.

Alan began under the transmission tunnel and worked his way up and across the firewall making sure every inch was covered to give each coat an even and flowing look. The inner wheel arches and front core support finished off the first stage. Then, Alan began to work getting the scuttle panel and windscreen surround shot in the dark, deep grey and worked his way back towards the boot on the classic Mercedes.

The rear quarter panels and rocker panels were coloured line by line. Each gently overlapping on the previous to give the consistent and uniform look needed to achieve the flawless finish that comes with Selenet Grey. But with the car having its first coat complete, it was time to let it settle and get the paint mixed for the next round.

The 2nd coat was done in the same order as the first. Alan making sure to get every exposed piece of bodywork coated properly for the uniform look. Again, it was all about consistency and movement in order to achieve the finish on the classic R107. And once the 2nd layer had flashed off, Alan waited for the prescribed time and then shot the 3rd coat to finish off the car.

With that, it was left in the ovens to completely cure and harden. Once it has completely hardened, it will be carefully transferred back to the preparation area in order for polishing and preparation for the next stage.

Getting to the Root – Fixing the Rust Areas on the 1987 Mercedes 500SL

The 1987 Mercedes 500SL has been transferred from our body shop to the fabrication shop at the Bridge Classic Cars workshops.

During the preparation of the body for paint, our body shop noticed some areas of corrosion in some key places. These are being cut out and addressed by our fabricators so the classic Mercedes R107 is in perfect condition to go back into the body shop to have those areas prepared again for paint.

Discoveries – Finding a Leak on the 1969 Mercedes 280SL Pagoda

The 1969 Mercedes 280SL had begun the final stages of its testing since the engine and gearbox rebuild at the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshops at our Pettistree HQ. During that testing, our restoration technicians discovered a leak.

Part of the tests on the classic Pagoda was to pressurise the cooling system of the car. During that crucial test, our technician John discovered a leak coming from underneath the dashboard. Removing various pieces of trim, he discovered the heater matrix for the car was leaking due to previous poor repairs at some point in the car’s life. With that, the heater matrix was removed from the car to be fully inspected.

After the inspection, it has been sent away to a Radiator and Heater Matrix specialist to be refurbished for the car.

Refurb – Wheels from the 2012 Mercedes SLK250

The wheels on the 2012 Mercedes SLK have seen better days. There’s some corrosion and paint flaking around the hub centres which is a common occurrence on this generation of Mercedes wheels. But, they can be refurbished!

Our good friends over at WheelWorx came down to the Pettistree workshop to assess the wheels and then safely remove them from the car to be taken back to their workshops to be entirely refurbished for this beautiful modern Mercedes convertible. Once these are back on the car, we can’t wait to show you the rest of it.

In the Booth – Priming the Panels on the 1987 Mercedes 500SL

The rest of the panels from the 1987 Mercedes 500SL which is in with Bridge Classic Cars for restoration have been in the in-house spray booth to be finished in bright white primer.

Chris, one of our amazing painters, has been getting the first layers of finishing primer onto the pieces of the classic Mercedes. This is all being done in preparation for the car to be completely refinished in the Mercedes Pagoda colour, Selenit Grau.

It’s all moving quickly now on the restoration of this beautiful Mercedes R107 and we can’t wait to show you the next step!

Preparations – Preparing and Inspecting Components for the 1987 Mercedes 500SL

The Bridge Classic Cars body team have been working on getting the parts and pieces from the doors of the 1987 Mercedes 500SL prepared and catalogued before being painted and put into storage.

Mauro has been working on checking each of the components before then carefully disassembling and refurbishing anything that needed to be reworked before final assembly on the classic Mercedes.

Closer and Closer – Final Pieces of Body Preparation on the 1987 Mercedes 500SL

The final process to get the 1987 Mercedes 500SL restoration ready for its first coats of paint has been completed by the Bridge Classic Cars body shop.

Mauro has been working on getting the last few pieces of the classic Mercedes ready for its date with the paint booth. Mauro has been meticulously going through the whole car piece by piece to make sure everything is in perfect shape before the first layers of final primer are laid onto the body and panels. This involved several hours of sanding in places with very limited access but needed to be done for the best finish possible.

Along with that, Mauro removed the final parts and pieces from the doors of the 500SL to be able to sand inside the doors so the paint shop can get the best finish possible inside and out.

We’re so excited to see the 1987 Mercedes 500SL finally go into the Bridge Classic Cars paint shop for the first steps of its paint process.

Nearly There – Preparing the Engine of the 1969 Mercedes 280SL Pagoda for Installation

Our in-house technicians here at Bridge Classic Cars have been methodically working through the beautiful straight-six and gearbox of the 1969 Mercedes 280SL to get it ready to go back in the car.

Jon and Paul, our two in-house restoration technicians have painstakingly rerun every hose and wire that belongs to the engine and gearbox before it goes back into the engine bay of this iconic convertible. Using reference photos and catalogues made at the beginning of the project, the technicians were able to retrace each and every step to make sure that nothing has been missed off the engine.

Now with this complete and the gearbox attached to the back of the block, the guys will prepare the engine bay for the installation in the next couple of days. Ensuring that no hoses or metal lines are in the way which could be damaged during the installation.

Keep your eye out on the Bridge Classic Cars news page for updates very soon on the 1969 Mercedes 280SL Pagoda.