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Goodwood Members Meeting 2021 – Day Two (Part 2)

With so many different races scheduled throughout the day, the paddocks would always have something to look around. Whatever you wanted, it was there. 1960s GT racing? Of course. Pre-War Alfa Romeos? Absolutely. Vintage Formula 1 cars? Come right this way.

Each of the machines carried with it their own team of caretakers. Those who would patiently and methodically serve the car. When the announcement would come over the tannoy that these machines were being called to the staging area, you could feel the energy around you change. It became even more electric.

On the track, the atmosphere totally changed. From the easy-paced tide of the paddocks to a torrent of energy and excitement. As the various engines from decades of motorsport gone by were let loose on the 2.4-mile circuit, you could feel the history bounce of any surface that dare stood in its way.

Watching a group of priceless vintage machines barrel into the first corner. 1,2,3 and sometimes 4 wide into the tricky left-hander of Madgwick on the run into Fordwater. Then the track changes. Vast sweeps and bends that makeup St Mary’s before getting the power down in just the right place to get you slung into Lavant and the straight beyond.

Some get it right. Others however get it wrong. The exit has to be millimetre perfect for these bygone racers, one tyre on the slick grass could spell disaster for their chances. A Mustang runs wide on the exit and gets onto the green, spitting it left into the tyre wall before the turn into Woodcote. But, the engine doesn’t cut out. He’s held the clutch in. Within a second of coming to a standstill, the American racer pops into gear and spins around wildly on the rough. The driver aims the now crumpled and torn front of the car towards the track and with one almighty move, he rejoins the circuit. Eager to hunt down his position and the man he feels responsible.

Historic racing is made up of many of these moments. Victory from the jaws of defeat, triumph not over but with the machinery. And the only place that truly encompasses all of this is glorious Goodwood.

Goodwood Members Meeting 2021 – Day One (Part 3)

Between our times on the stand, each of us would venture out into the paddocks and to various points on the circuit to soak up as much as we could. Not only of the light evening drizzle, but of this wonderful event.

As the evening light grew dimmer, the paddocks once more played host to the ushering crowds. The magic hour held up to its name. The low light shone brightly on the historic cars giving them even more of a glow in the eyes of the feverish fans.

Everything imaginable was within arms reach. These priceless works of automotive art with very little supervision. But, with the machines comes healthy respect.

The still of that evening was soon to be broken.

A race track in the evening is a strange beast. The air around it grows still but the general calm is broken by the sounds of competition. This was the 2nd chance for the big V8 cars. The American monsters took the early autumn in the English countryside by the scruff of the neck.

As these vast machines would take a corner, you couldn’t help but feel sorry for the brakes. Straining and screaming for mercy but only to be drowned out by the combined cubic acres of the howling engines.

The track by this point was now dry after the earlier showers in the day. With this, the cars could now entirely stretch their legs… Lap after lap, the iron gladiators would attack the same sequence of corners but with growing confidence and vigour. Even from standing at one point, you could see each of the cars getting quicker. You could feel the lap times tumbling and you could hear the cars straining to beat the marshalls’ stopwatch.

It could only be Goodwood.

Goodwood Members Meeting 2021 – Day One (Part 2)

As the sun gained some strength and the air grew warmer, the paddocks also grew in size and commotion. The further you delved into the rows of priceless vintage racing machinery, the more there was to find.

Nestled away against the back row were a fine selection from our neighbours over at Historika, with a long bonnet 911 race car in nearly every conceivable colour. But, when you looked around. My word were there sights to behold.

The copper E Type lay dormant in the misty morning air. Its numbers emblazoned on its handmade, vast bonnet the only giveaway that this big cat was unlike the others in the car park. It’s other stablemates shared its single-mindedness. A plethora of vintage racing machines like the TVR, Morgans, a C2 Corvette and one of the most beautiful cars to have ever been created. The Ferrari 275GTB.

Mere hours later, they would all be at war just meters from where they now slept.

It couldn’t possibly be an outdoor British event without the heavens well and truly opening. The rain was torrential. No square inch of tarmac from Fordwater, St Marys and the chicane was safe. The perfect time to send out the V8s…

As the Americans invaded the English countryside, the rain began to fall lighter. Giant puddles had appeared in every braking zone, every apex and every opportunity for speed. However, this didn’t stop the iron leviathans. The 7-litre Galaxies barely noticed the slick and twitchy track. A healthy offering of torque and opposite lock allowed them to slide gracefully through the chicane and out towards the start/finish line. Eager to join in were the smaller Mustangs and Falcons as well as the lone gold Studabaker which brought the fight to the Blue Oval.

Whilst this ballet of power and noise played out for its baying crowd, the circuit began to dry. The cars would find the grip just at the wrong moments only to be followed by a greasy patch or an inconveniently placed puddle to spit them towards the slick, sodden grass and the wall beyond.

Some met their fate in that practice session. Others would have their hopes built that morning..

Goodwood Members Meeting 2021 – Day One (Part 1)

After we had built up the stand it was time to get some rest before the first day of the 2021 Goodwood Members Meeting.

We were up before dawn and on-site before the first members had even come through the gates. What surrounded us, was pure motoring heaven. The first group of icons we found were not destined for life on the tarmac. This selection of rally cars was absolutely mind-blowing. From the Peter Solberg 2003 Impreza WRC all the way to the Mk2 Escort driven by the master that was Ari Vatanen.

However, things hadn’t even begun yet…

The morning was cold and the dampness hung in the air. The clouds threatened the morning’s proceedings with their presence alone. As the movements of people ebbed and flowed through the tunnels under the main straight, the excitement built. The stillness of a mid-October morning was broken by the opera that could only come from a herd of classic touring cars.

We had stumbled into the staging for the Gerry Marshall Trophy. This was a practice session before the afternoons qualifying for these Group1 Touring Cars. To be eligible, they must have been raced between 1970 and 1982 with full FIA period history.

A varied stable of classic racers lined up along the leafed road. Before being allowed out to appropriately stretch their legs. The ground shook with the war cries of the 8 cylinder Opels and Mustangs while the buzz of the 4 cylinder cars finished off this symphony of speed.

Find out more about the first day at the 78th Goodwood Members Meeting on our next blog post!

Bridge Classic Cars at Goodwood Members Meeting 2021

October 16-17th will see the annual running of the Goodwood Members Meeting. Bridge Classic Cars will be there!

Head over to Stand 47 (Just outside the Bonhams Arena) to pop in and see the incredible work we have on display.

Save the date and get your tickets here!

78th Goodwood Members Meet Postponed

Unfortunately, the 78th Goodwood members meeting has been postponed due to COVID-19. The following statement has been emailed out to all attendees.

In 2014, after a hiatus of 48 years, Goodwood staged the 72nd Members’ Meeting, successfully reviving a series that began back in 1949. In 2018, the 76th Members’ Meeting raced on through the Beast from the East, while other events succumbed to the freezing conditions.

We had hoped that by following UK Government advice and implementing a number of additional safety and hygiene protocols, we could all ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ as coronavirus threatened the 78th Members’ Meeting. Alas, with the situation constantly evolving, and the news that the UK Government will no longer offer emergency support to mass gatherings this isn’t possible; the safety and wellbeing of our customers remains our highest priority. As such, we regret to inform you that the 78th Members’ Meeting, which was due to take place on March 28-29, has been postponed.

We are currently exploring potential alternative dates with all relevant parties and I would like to reassure you that your tickets will remain valid for the new date.

Goodwood has always relied on the support of the Goodwood Road Racing Club since the very beginning and I would like to thank you in advance for your understanding and patience during these challenging times. Rest assured that we will update you with an alternative date as soon as we can and I look forward to a time in the not-so-distant future when we can once more come together to celebrate everything we love about motorsport.

We will continue to review plans for the Festival of Speed and Revival, in the hope that both events will be able to go ahead as planned on July 9-12 and September 11-13 respectively, as well as looking forward to the rescheduled 78th Members’ Meeting.

In the meantime, if you have any other further questions, please visit our website for coronavirus FAQs<>.

The Duke of Richmond and Gordon

See below a gallery of some of our favourite memories of last years show and our invitation to the 78th Goodwood members meet.