A New Arrival

We have recently welcomed our 1966 Fiat 500 into the Bridge Classic Cars workshop. After its owner took this beautiful classic car to a garage

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Working On Our Fiat Coupe

Our 1997 Fiat 20V Turbo spent a bit of time with our fabrication team, Chris and Monty. During its time with them, it had its front sill end cut out and replaced as well as having its front wing repaired too.

The rear right quarter panel and arch were cut out and replaced, and a new towing eye bracket was made and welded to the car. New bumper mount posts were also welded in place.

After leaving the fabrication bay, our Fiat Coupe moved into the Bridge Classic Cars paintshop where Mauro prepped the car before priming and painting the newly repaired areas.

The car then returned to Chris and Monty to be put back together and to also have its new number plate lights wired in.

As well as having parts of its body repaired and painted, our Fiat Coupe also spent some time with classic car technician Brian who has been working on the interior of the vehicle, specifically, the damaged headliner. After removing the headliner from the car, he repaired it before reinstalling it into the car.

A New Arrival

We have recently welcomed our 1966 Fiat 500 into the Bridge Classic Cars workshop.

After its owner took this beautiful classic car to a garage for some welding work, it has since been running badly and consistently sitting at high revs.

While it is in the workshop, our team of experienced classic car technicians will be investigating the running problems and finding the best way to resolve them ready for the vehicle to be returned to its owner.

Car & Classic – Brand Loyalty, It’s Alive and Well

A fantastic piece of journalism from Dale Vinton from Car & Classic.

Brand Loyalty – It’s Alive and Well

When Dale met David Franklin.

“David likes Fiat. In fact, David LOVES Fiat. You could say he’s a little obsessed, if you wanted to be dramatic about it, but the fact of the matter remains, David is a big fan of the Italian auto manufacturer. So much so that he has just taken delivery of his 55th model – a fully-electric New 500 (RED) edition. Don’t worry, this isn’t an article where we wax lyrical about EVs and their place in the classic car world. No, we want to talk about brand loyalty when it comes to classics and David’s story aroused the old grey matter in that respect…”

It’s clear that brand loyalty continues to exist in the classic world today. Not just brand loyalty but geographical loyalty or even decade loyalty. Only last week we met another David. David Renn is from the US state of Virginia but loves all things British when it comes to classic cars. Whether it’s the German quality you prefer, the 90’s hot hatches or can’t get enough of the classic Fords, we all have a loyalty lying somewhere.

Fiat 500’s Recent Modifications

We’ve made some more modifications to our 1969 Fiat 500. The demister diverter heater control for the floor and windscreen has been modified and moved to accommodate the new steering rack.

From Russia with love

We welcomed another new car to the workshop yesterday. This 1984 Lada 1200 Estate was brought in with signs of rust in the sills and floor. A paint job and some fabrication work will be in order to address the rust issues.

Lada 1200’s were a heavily modified version of the Fiat 124 tailored for the Soviet Union and much of the Eastern Bloc. The Lada brand was built with hash Russian and Siberian conditions in mind. The suspension was raised to clear rough Russian roads and the bodyshell was made from thicker, heavier steel to make them more durable. These cars were later shipped around the world and used as police cars, taxies and other public utility vehicles.