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Guy Martin Builds The World’s Fastest Electric Car!

Love it or hate it, it’s clear to see the electric car is here to stay. Guy Martin, a renowned lover of petrol-guzzling engines, is dipping his toes into the classic car world in true Guy Martin fashion…by attempting to make the world’s fastest electric-powered VW Beetle.

Be sure to catch Guy on Channel 4 at 9.00pm tonight. (Monday 9th August). We’ve been told you may even spot one of our own electric classic car projects, our tesla powered 1967 Austin Mini makes an appearance.

What do you think about modifying electric cars to run on electricity? Destroying the spirit of a classic car or allowing them to survive for decades to come?

Update: 10/08/21

Did you spot our Mini? We should be having her back soon and in our Hangar for storage. We can’t wait to see the completed project.

Electric Classic Cars – February 2021

We’re delighted to see the Electric Classic Car’s electric mini is coming along well. If you’ve been following this story, you might remember that we painted this mini before it was handed over to Electric Classic Cars to be turned into an electric classic.

This car belongs to a client of Team C Racing and has been carefully restored by Ted before being passed on to ourselves and Electric Classic Cars to be completed.

The Tesla powered Mini is being fitted with a 31kWh battery pack, that has 100-300hp power options. Electric Classic cars suggest that a bolt-in kit will be available from them soon. Their Instagram post (featured below) explains that more details, including pricing, will be announced after rigorous testing. We’re excited to see how this characterful mini develops as it leads the way to be among the first Tesla classic cars.

Three firsts for Ransome Van Centre

A great day for our good friends at Ransome Van Centre in Ipswich with it’s three firsts in one day!

They were the first Commercial EV Dealer to visit the world’s first full electric service station by Gridserve, Braintree Electric Forecourt; charging their first fully designed EV eDeliver 3 commercial van.

Gridserve provide the most advanced charging facility in the World!

Is this the way the world is going? Will EV classic cars be the future of classic cars?

And here’s a reminder of our recent collaboration with Team C Racing and Electric Classic Cars. We’ll soon be able to reveal our incredible Tesla powered 1967 Austin Mini 850, on our screens soon on Vintage Voltage.

Electric Mini Sparks Online Conversation

The Tesla powered Mini is taking shape, with brakes to match the 300hp electric muscle. 😁⚡💪 #electricmini #minielectric #mini

Posted by Electric Classic Cars on Friday, 2 October 2020

We’ve teamed up with Electric Classic Cars to build the ultimate 300hp electric powered classic Mini. Our 1967 Austin Mini will appear on the upcoming series of Vintage Voltage, due to air in June 2020 on Quest.

Bridge Classic Cars has undertaken the bodywork preparation and paintwork. Our Paint Shop finished the vehicle in this dazzling ‘Surf Blue’.

The team at Electric Classic Cars have now begun installing the braking system. With 300+ horsepower now coursing through the wheels, this Mini was going to need a bit of an upgrade!

With over 3,000 likes, comments and shares, this little electric Mini certainly is a talking point! What do you think of the build? Spoiling an iconic classic or adapting to survive in the 21st century? We’ll keep you updated as the build progresses.