Classic restoration

In Colour – Body of the 1958 Jensen 541R Painted

The 1958 Jensen 541R has been back into the Bridge Classic Cars in-house paint booth to have its body painted.

The team began by getting the doors and grille painted in a dark silver/bronze colour, contrasting against the beautiful dark blue of the roof. Then, each piece was clear coated and left to cure.

The body was then taken into the booth to be finished. Chris, one of our amazing painters, laid down layer after layer of the paint letting it cure before applying the clearcoat which is being left to harden before it can be sanded and fully polished to a mirror-like finish.

Here are some photos of what it looks like together:

Visit – 1946 Chevrolet Pickup Drops By the Workshop

Yesterday at the Bridge Classic Cars Suffolk HQ we had an amazing visit from a rare sight around here.

A beautifully patina’d 1946 Chevrolet Pickup. Bought in Arizona and road tripped extensively throughout the US by its owner before being shipped back to the UK and used throughout the country towing all manner of classics and rock’n’roll bands.

It’s always a pleasure and exciting to see cars like these pop into the workshop for our team to look over and learn about them.

Folded In – Repairing the Hood Frame on a 1962 Morris Minor Convertible

Sometimes a certain amount of delicacy must be taken to the approach of a job. Take for instance the framework for the convertible hood on a 1962 Morris Minor that we currently have at Bridge Classic Cars.

Over the years, this frame must have been shut thousands of times. That put stress into the metal as it is worked backwards and forwards. Unfortunately, a gust of wind happened to catch it at just the wrong moment for our customer. This caused the frame to bend and slightly tear in some crucial places near the hinges.

Not a problem for our in-house restoration technicians. A careful and methodical approach to the assessment had to be taken. Our technician Dave, discovered that it could be repaired sympathetically. To achieve this, he needed to remove some of the rivets which allow the whole mechanism to retract in and out of its cubbyhole.

With those pieces carefully removed piece by piece. Dave could begin to reconstruct the original stays rather than replace the entire hood assembly.

With some small cuts and a few areas sectioned, this Morris Minor Convertible and its owner will be back enjoying the open road.

The Grindstone – Rust Removal On The 1951 Riley RMB

Our amazing technician Lydia has been hard at work removing the rust build-up on the wings of the 1951 Riley RMB with us here at Bridge Classic Cars for restoration.

Lydia carefully removed any rust from the material using both power and hand tools where necessary to avoid putting any extra heat or force into the panels which could cause unnecessary movement or warp in these handcrafted pieces.

This part of the restoration is taking place alongside the main bodywork being undertaken by our in-house fabricator James.

As you can see, Lydia has done an amazing job at complimenting the lines and craftsmanship put into this restoration by the team here at Bridge Classic Cars.

Getting to The Bottom of It – Automatic Gearbox Leak on the 1964 Daimler 2.5 V8

There is a simple beauty to old Daimler V8’s. This 1964 Daimler 2.5 V8 in at Bridge Classic Cars does have a bit of an issue though. There is a leak from the gearbox, but that’s nothing our amazing technicians John and Paul can’t fix.

After John and Paul had confirmed there was indeed a leak from the automatic gearbox, it then become a quest to find its source. Upon investigating, John found the culprit to be two rubber seals that had perished. Thankfully due to their location, these seals could be removed with the automatic gearbox in place.

Brand new seals were installed by our in-house technicians and the vehicle fired up for testing. The Results? No more leaks for this Daimler V8.

The next job to do on this particular car while it’s in here at Bridge Classic Cars is to look into some radio interference issues.