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Fresh Finish – Freshly Blasted Parts from the 1959 Jensen 541 ‘Hepburn’ in Gloss Black

The freshly blasted parts for the 1959 Jensen 541R ‘Hepburn’ have returned to our Suffolk HQ for the team to get into perfect condition for its restoration.

The freshly stripped parts were meticulously cleaned to get rid of any residual blasting material before they were refinished in hard-wearing gloss black.

The parts were then left to sure completely before carefully being packaged and put into storage to awaiting the cars reassembly.

Out & About – 1973 Triumph TR6 in France

The 1973 Triumph TR6, which was restored in-house at the Bridge Classic Cars Suffolk HQ, has been out on its travels recently!

The car has been used on holiday in France by its owner and looks like the perfect companion for a countryside jaunt.

We love seeing our cars out there in the world being used and enjoyed!

Going Back Together – Reassembly Continues on the 1969 Morris Minor Convertible

The workshop at Bridge Classic Cars Suffolk HQ have been busy getting the 1969 Morris Minor Convertible back together following its fresh repaint.

The team have been getting the body trims in place, perfectly aligning them to each other before moving on to some of the mechanical work.

The team have got the parts out of storage for the car which were taken off during disassembly to inspect further. They have found the edges of the fuel tank have corroded slightly.

The big job was to get the freshly painted engine back into the engine bay but first the team had to get the gearbox mated up to the block. Before this, our technician Scott carefully cleaned up the gearbox casing and bell housing before fitting a new bearing and clutch for the car. Once back together, the team carefully installed the engine and gearbox into the frame of the classic Morris.

Finally, the team could start on rewiring the car now that all of the major pieces were back in place.

Back and Sides – Handmade Seat Parts for the 1958 Jensen 541R

The Bridge Classic Cars trim shop have been working on making more of the handmade parts for the interior of the 1958 Jensen 541R.

This time, Lydia has been working on trimming the backs and sides of the front seats. Each of these parts, including the foam pieces, have all been made and cut specifically for each of the seats to get the best fit for them both.

Lydia has carefully stretched and pulled the material to make sure there were as few creases and folds as possible. The bases will be finished with the cushion and bases that will help to pull the material of the bases taught.

Gone Through – Working on the 1969 Morris Minor Convertible

The 1969 Morris Minor Convertible, which arrived recently at Bridge Classic Cars, has been in the workshop for our team to take a look at.

To begin with, the team have replaced the fuel pump and filter on the classic Morris Minor to make sure that it was getting all the fuel it needed after the team had noted the original pump had corroded around the connectors. After that, the team adjusted the brakes on the car before it could go out on road test. At the same time, they found a nail in the tyre! Thankfully, the nail hadn’t pierced the tyre but had got stuck in one of the grooves.

After this, the car could be road tested.

Teardown – Stripping Down the Body of the 1955 Jensen 541 ‘Number 8’

The 1955 Jensen 541 ‘Number 8’ has been further stripped down by the Bridge Classic Cars workshop team.

The workshop have removed the roof and rear bodywork from the early 541 to expose its chassis to be thoroughly inspected. The fibreglass parts have been put away into storage after being catalogued for when the classic GT car is ready for restoration.

Bit by Bit – Reassembly on the 1969 Morris Minor Convertible

The 1969 Morris Minor Convertible, which has recently finished up in the Bridge Classic Cars paintshop, has been moved into the restoration workshop at our Suffolk HQ to begin reassembly.

Our technician Scott has been put in charge of beginning the reassembly of the classic Morris Minor. He begun by getting some of the rear trims in place such as the rear lights with the rubber seals before moving on to getting the glovebox in place for later.

Scott also got the doors built up on the car with the new handles and mechanisms along with the window regulators to then build up the frames and put the glass securely in place. After that, it was time to move to the interior where the wiring would begin.

The speedometer has been wired up after a few key wiring repairs were done, then he could begin to trace the wiring through the firewall and up to the various key systems in the engine bay.

Back and Better – Refurbished Steering Rack for the 2005 Aston Martin DB9

The steering rack from Craig’s 2005 Aston Martin DB9 has arrived back at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop after being refurbished by the amazing team at Re-Go Autoparts.

Re-Go (especially Gary) has been a massive help in the work we have done on the left-hand drive and power steering conversion of our 1970 Bristol 411. So, when Craig’s DB9 developed a power steering issue and leak the team gave them a call. After taking the rack out and sending it down to the Re-Go team, they stripped down the whole unit to find out what the issue was.

Upon inspection, the Re-Go team found a weakness in the material that makes up several seals inside of the power steering rack so when more pressure (more turning lock) was applied, part of the seal would fail and leak. So, they have replaced the seals with a new style and material and then checked/tested the rack before sending it back to the team here to get refitted to the DB9.

Like New – Painting the Rear Axle of the 1905 Riley 9HP

The paint shop at Bridge Classic Cars have prepared and painted the rear axle assembly for our 1905 Riley 9HP restoration project.

Since returning from the blasters, the paint team have been getting all of the bare pieces into the spray booth to be finished in gloss black, the same as the rest of the frame. This will be left to cure properly before being reunited with the rest of the prewar tourer.

Handmade – New Coolant Pipes for the 1905 Riley 9HP

The restoration team at Bridge Classic Cars have been working hard on recreating the coolant system on the 1905 Riley 9HP.

Our technician Dave has been busy carefully making up new coolant pipework for the 117-year-old tourer. These are being made from brass and copper, as it would have been originally. For this, Dave removed the water pump from the engine block after taking countless measurements in order to create a jig that meant Dave could more accurately solder the entire piece without worrying about it moving.

After this, everything could be test fit back onto the car. Dave remade the now long-gone gaskets by hand before the pipework was tested and then painted in the glossy black.

Progress – Wiring and New Latches on the 1971 Bristol 411

The Bridge Classic Cars workshop team have been continuing to work on the wiring of the 1971 Bristol 411 along with some other jobs on the classic GT car.

The team have been asked to replace the wiring harness through the entire car. John has been going through each of the systems to make sure everything is working correctly and then installing the new harness while carrying out any necessary repairs.

The team have also adjusted and installed some new latches and hinges throughout the car.

Rebuilt – Carburettor for the 1953 Armstrong Siddeley Rebuilt

The workshop team at Bridge Classic Cars have been working on completely overhauling the seized carburettor on the 1953 Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane.

Our technician Jon completely disassembled the unit to begin cleaning and adjusting each individual part to make sure it had full operation. The unit can now be reinstalled on the car to begin testing and to flush through the new gearbox oil.

Capped – Repairing the Arches and Sills on the 1986 Daimler DS420

The fabrication shop at Bridge Classic Cars have been busy carrying out further metal repairs to the sides of the classic Daimler limousine.

The team are working their way through repairing the inner and outer wheel arches along with extensive repairs to the sills of the car. These have been cut back the area to expose any corrosion which ad begun to run deep into the underside of the car. All of the area was then treated to neutralise any rust issues before the team began to make the various patch pieces needed to rebuild the structure into the car.

Both wheel arches have also been cut out and repaired as part of the work.

Bit by Bit – Draining the Gearbox and Stripping the Carburettor on the 1953 Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane

As part of its recommission, the Bridge Classic Cars have the 1953 Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane has been up on the ramps for our workshop team to get to work on.

To start with, the team have drained the gearbox on the car. Whilst it was draining, Jon noticed several chunks coming out of the drain. After checking, the gearbox had a layer of sludge along the bottom of the plan which has to be pulled out and the whole unit flushed through several times to try and get it to clean out.

This involves filling up the gearbox to its correct level, running it up to temperature and then draining again. Before this, Jon inspected and checked the fuel tank of the car to make sure it wouldn’t pull any debris into the carburettor if it did start. All was ok but Jon did find the fuel had gone slightly stale. So, the team have pumped the old fuel out of the tank ready to be refilled.

Then it was time to keep moving forward to the engine bay to check everything over. For this, Jon began to inspect the carburettor of the classic Armstrong Siddeley. Upon inspection, Jon found several parts had seized which meant it was removed from the car to be completely stripped down and inspected by the team. Then, it can be installed back on the car and the gearbox run up along with the engine.

This Just In – 1969 Morris Minor Convertible

The Bridge Classic Cars team have welcomed this wonderful 1969 Morris Minor Convertible to our Suffolk HQ for the team to have a look at.

The owner has reported a slight running issue as well as an exhaust problem which our workshop will be looking into and sorting out. Along with that, it will be inspected and looked at by our paint and body team for some bits and pieces.

Also while the car is with us, the teams will carry out a full inspection of the car to check everything over.

Coming Together – Body Panels Back on the 1978 MG B GT

The workshop team at Bridge Classic Cars HQ have begun to refit and adjust the panelwork from the 1978 MG B GT back onto the car.

Our technician Rob has been working his way from the front of the classic sports car to the back beginning with the front wings. The wings were bolted on followed by the doors in order to adjust and align each of them to get the right fitment and panel gaps as part of the rebuild following the paint and body work being finished off.

Then, after the wings and doors had been adjusted Rob could fit the rear hatch and adjust it accordingly.

Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of the 1981 Alfa Romeo Giulietta

In a bit of a change to our normal schedule, last week’s live draw was held on Friday. But, it was a special live draw. We were going to find out who the lucky new owner of our 1981 Alfa Romeo Giulietta was.

The chances on the Alfa were looking incredible as we went into the live. Just over half the tickets had sold so everyone in the draw had some of the best chances we had seen on one of our competitions, but as with all of our competitions – if we say it’s going to be drawn, then it’s going to be drawn.

At 7, on our Facebook page, we welcomed all of our friends to the live stream. To begin with, Molly and Freddie showed everyone around all of the amazing machines we have in our competition building which will be coming up very soon.

Nick, one of our marketing guys and resident historian, went through the history of University Motors and the fabled ‘specials’ as we have an MG C Roadster which we are currently uncovering its story due to it wearing a University Motors Special badge.

Then at 10 past, with the competition closed. It was time to find out what we had all been waiting for – who the lucky winner of our 1981 Alfa Romeo Giulietta was.

As we reminded everyone, not all of the tickets had sold so we may have to run the draw a couple of times. But on the 2nd sweep of the random number generator, we found the winner.

Adam Brudenell with ticket number 1329.

We tried calling Adam to let him know the good news but we had to leave him a message to let him know the good news. We’re all absolutely thrilled for Adam and can’t wait to get his new classic Alfa Romeo to him.

Underside – New and Trunnions on the Front of the 1957 MG A Roadster

As part of getting the 1957 MG A Roadster to ride better, the team have been working on the front suspension of the classic sports car.

On the inspection of the car, Jon noted the rubber bushes and trunnions had begun to deteriorate. So, the team have systematically gone through and renewed all of the various pieces with brand new units. These were then checked and tightened to spec before the car was put back on the ground and tested.

Once the team have road tested the car reported back, the car will be ready to go back to its owner.

Back Together – Finishing the Service and Fixing the Carburettor on the 1957 MG A Roadster

The workshop at Bridge Classic Cars have been working on finishing up the service and carburettor rebuild on the 1957 MG A Roadster.

To start with, the team have installed the jet tube into the rear carburettor and installed the whole unit back onto the engine. As part of this, the team have also cleaned out and oil the K&N air filters to give the 1.8-litre 4-cylinder the best airflow and as part of its service scheduling.

After this was done and the carburettors were checked for leaks, which have been reported to working perfectly, the team could move on to adjusting the tappets.

The tappets and valve train were all inspected and adjusted to the correct specs before the rocker cover (complete with new gasket) was fit back onto the engine.

This Just In – 1999 Rover BRM

The Bridge Classic Cars team have welcomed a rare and unique addition to our Suffolk workshop – A 1999 Rover BRM.

A specialist edition hatchback which celebrated the history of both Rover and BRM and some of their joint projects like the infamous Turbine car.

The Bridge Classic Cars restoration teams will begin to inspect, assess and check over the limited edition hatchback both mechanically and aesthetically.

Keep checking into the Bridge Classic Cars news page for more updates very soon on the 1999 Rover BRM.

This Just In – 1970 MG C Roadster

The Bridge Classic Cars workshop have welcomed a new arrival to our Suffolk HQ. A blue 1970 MG C Roadster.

The teams will be going through the classic MG C and compiling their lists to compile their report on the aesthetic and mechanical condition of this beautiful roadster.

Keep a look out on the Bridge Classic Cars news page for more updates very soon.

Stripped – Inspecting the Carburettors on the 1957 MG A Roadster

While carrying out the service and inspection on the 1957 MG A Roadster, the Bridge Classic Cars team found a leak coming from the rear carburettor.

The unit was taken off the car and stripped down on the bench for our technician Jon to get to the bottom of. Looking into it further, the team have found an issue with the jet tube on the carburettor which has been ordered for the car.

Full Check Over – Servicing and Inspecting the 1953 Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane

The Bridge Classic Cars workshop have been inspecting and servicing the 1953 Armstrong Siddeley which recently arrived at our Suffolk HQ.

As part of the jobs we have been requested to do, the team have been methodically going through every system on the car to check both its condition and function. One of the first jobs was to check levels in the rear differential which was inspected and then topped up before moving onto the engine.

The team drained the oil from the car whist carrying out a visual inspection of all hoses, leads and wires to make sure everything was present and of its condition. Noted on inspection was the condition of the HT leads and a dryrotted fuel hose, which were both replaced.

The team could also begin to inspect and check over the brakes. These were stuck on/seized when we went to collect the vehicle from its owner so will be completely stripped back and inspected to find the root cause.

First Off – Servicing and Inspecting the 1957 MG A Roadster

The 1957 MG A Roadster is up on the ramps in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop at our Suffolk HQ for the team to inspect and service the classic roadster.

The team have worked through the car methodically, from front to back. Every suspension component and driveline piece has been checked over to make sure everything is working just as it should and is in good condition for the owner. This is also to try and find out the issue with the ride that the customer has brought up on the car.

Whilst carrying out the service, the team have also checked everything in the engine bay. The team did find a leak from the carburettors of the car which will be taken off and stripped down on the bench.

Progress – 1969 Morris Minor Convertible Parts Painted, Undersealed and Seam Sealed

The paint and body team at Bridge Classic Cars have been making progress on the 1969 Morris Minor Convertible.

To start, the team have finished painting the final bits and pieces of the body. The topside of the bonnet, front panel and side-skirts have all been painted in Snowberry White before being clear coated. Meanwhile, the team have also gone through the shell of the classic Morris convertible to seamseal the joins in panels for added protection.

Once the seamseal had dried and cured, the team could underseal the insides of the wings and arches on the car for added protection against the elements and from any road debris picked up by the tyres.

Underneath – Fitting Up the Exhaust and Crossmember on the 1978 MG B GT

The Bridge Classic Cars team have been making progress on the 1978 MG B GT.

Our restoration technician, Rob, has worked on getting the new exhaust fitted up on the underside of the classic sports car. With the whole system fitted front to back, the team could then move on to the next job.

The team could begin to prepare the front cross-member to be fit up into the car. The whole car is being fit out with new polybushes all round and the bushings in the front cross-member is no different. Rob has fit the bushes in before being able to bolt the whole assembly into the underside of the car. With it completely fit up into the car, the team then began to hang the front suspension and steering parts while also being able to slip the engine mounts in and bolt the engine firmly into place.

In Colour – Body of the 1958 Jensen 541R Painted

The 1958 Jensen 541R has been back into the Bridge Classic Cars in-house paint booth to have its body painted.

The team began by getting the doors and grille painted in a dark silver/bronze colour, contrasting against the beautiful dark blue of the roof. Then, each piece was clear coated and left to cure.

The body was then taken into the booth to be finished. Chris, one of our amazing painters, laid down layer after layer of the paint letting it cure before applying the clearcoat which is being left to harden before it can be sanded and fully polished to a mirror-like finish.

Here are some photos of what it looks like together:

Heating Up – Fixing the Heater on the 1968 Triumph TR5

The technicians in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop have been working on getting the heater system working properly on the 1968 Triumph TR5.

Jon found the cable which controls the heater wasn’t working but also that the heater flaps had almost seized in the dashboard. Jon freed up the flaps and found the heater box had distorted slightly not allowing the direction flap to move freely but after some adjustments all was ok and then could work on replacing the heater cable into the dash.