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Welcome Back Old Friend

We’ve welcomed back this lovely 1960 MG A for a service. We originally restored this stunning classic and were delighted to hear how happy Mike

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Toyota MR2 Initial Inspection

John has finished up the report.

He has stripped and cleaned nearside front brake and found the sliders have seized.

Remove and free off before reassembling.

Wire brush all flexi hose ferrules. Strip alarm wiring. Trace through car and disconnect from loom. Cut wires and remove complete system.

Check that car still starts and runs, ok. Check alternator charge; 8.9v which is very poor. Warning lights on dash probably due to battery voltage or lack of it.

Refit wheels.

Oil leak on Vauxhall Omega

Dave is now looking into possible reasons for why the engine on our Vauxhall Omega is leaking. He is currently in the process of replacing the Dowty washers and seals on the oil cooler. There also appears to be a leak coming from the front pulley so this will also need investigating.

Welcome Back Old Friend

We’ve welcomed back this lovely 1960 MG A for a service. We originally restored this stunning classic and were delighted to hear how happy Mike is with his beloved motor when he dropped it off with us this morning.

We’ve begun by draining the oil out of the engine to replace it as this is advised to do either once a year or every 6000 miles. This is important to do as when the oil has circulated around the engine numerous times, it can collect metal pollutants and lose its effectiveness.

1966 Reliant Scimitar Arrives at The Bridge Classic Cars Workshop

This stunning white Scimitar is in the workshop today.

Whilst in our care this Reliant will be given a full service and MOT. It currently has a couple of electrical issues with the temperature gauge and windscreen washers which will be fixed.

The speedo is not currently functioning and will need a gearing renewal. We will also be upgrading the headlights to LED.

1957 Triumph TR3: Service and MOT

This gorgeous Triumph TR3 is such a credit to it’s keeper. It’s been getting plenty of attention sitting pretty in our workshop. This newly restored TR3 is in for it’s third year service.

Mauro and John have changed the engine oil and ensured all fluid levels are correct. We’ve lubricated all the required chassis and running gear components. we’ve checked the engine valves and given the car new filters.

Being a historic vehicle, no MOT is required. However for additional peace of mind, this vehicle has sailed through her MOT.

There was a small fault with the passenger door which has now been rectified. The door was needing to be slammed harder than you’d expect for a TR3. This was caused by a stud bolt being slightly too long, causing additional friction when shutting the door. We’ve ground the bolt down and now the door shuts percetly.

Lovely work, Team.

New Arrival – 1971 Bristol 411

In our restoration workshop this week is our lovely Bristol 411.

The Bristol 411 was built in Britian between 1989 to 1976 by Bristol Cars. The 411 is a luxurious vehicle with a good amount of power produced form its 6.3l V8 engine.

This wonderful Bristol 411 is in with us for a full service and MOT.

Morris Minor 1000 Service

Here at Bridge Classic Cars we also offer classic car servicing. This lovely ’65 Morris Minor 1000 was brought into us to investigate a couple of imperfections as well as carrying out a full service.

Pete is currently working on the follwoing:

  • Checking the integrity of the chassis rails
  • Perfecting door alignment
  • Checking all seals (boot leaking)
  • Investigating glove box issue
  • Repairing back window
  • Repairing indicator switch
  • Investigate fuel gauge
  • Investigate rust issues

We will also look at the body chrome around the rear lights to see if this needs restoring.

Does your classic car need servicing? Our highly skilled classic car technicians are prepared to take on any job, big or small to ensure your pride and joy is running at its best.