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Repaired – Repairing the Subframe for the 1955 Jensen 541 ‘Number 8’

The subframe for the 1955 Jensen 541 ‘Number 8’ has been reworked by the Bridge Classic Cars team.

The part was in need of some repairs and revisions so was taken to the bench for the restoration technicians to rework. The team have completely remade some of the tabs and mounts which will be needed for it to be reattached to the frame while also reinforcing certain areas.

In Colour – Body of the 1958 Jensen 541R Painted

The 1958 Jensen 541R has been back into the Bridge Classic Cars in-house paint booth to have its body painted.

The team began by getting the doors and grille painted in a dark silver/bronze colour, contrasting against the beautiful dark blue of the roof. Then, each piece was clear coated and left to cure.

The body was then taken into the booth to be finished. Chris, one of our amazing painters, laid down layer after layer of the paint letting it cure before applying the clearcoat which is being left to harden before it can be sanded and fully polished to a mirror-like finish.

Here are some photos of what it looks like together:

Coming Back Together – Rear Axle and Engine & Gearbox Back in the 1978 MG B GT.

The workshop team at Bridge Classic Cars have been given the delicate task of getting several key pieces of the 1978 MG B GT back into its freshly painted and perfected bodyshell.

Our technician Rob, who has done a lot of the work on the classic 1970s sports car, has been methodically working his way through the task.

To begin with, Rob fitted up the freshly painted rear axle and the leaf springs into place – with new polybushes throughout. The reason for this is not only does it have to go in there at some point, but with the car on the ramp it acts as somewhat of a counterweight to the engine.

With the rear axle in and bolted in, Rob could move to the front end of the car.

The newly refinished engine and gearbox were then hooked up to the engine crane, and inch by inch gingerly dropped into the shimmering blaze orange engine bay. The engine is just placed in at the moment, soon it will be firmly bolted into place after any adjustments that need to be made have been done.