classic car engine rebuild

Coming Together – Engine Build on the 1969 Mercedes 280SL Pagoda

The engine for the 1969 Mercedes Pagoda is back after its engineering work with Scholar Engines.

The cylinder head has been precision skimmed and new valve guides cut to the specifications of our in-house engine builder Ady. Since its arrival back, the camshaft and valves have been installed into the beautiful cylinder head. This engine is a stunning piece of 1960s engineering alone but after its clean up and refacing, it looks absolutely spectacular and will perform even better.

Ady then began to assemble the long-block as much as we can whilst we await the arrival of the new pistons.

Expect to see more on the progress of the engine build for the 1969 Mercedes 280SL Pagoda at Bridge Classic Cars.

Starting From Scratch – Diagnosing an Oil Leak on the 1963 Jaguar MkII 3.4

Our in-house engine builder at Bridge Classic Cars, Ady, has been working at trying to get to the bottom of the oil leak with the 1963 Jaguar MkII 3.4.

At idle, the engine would behave itself perfectly. Not a spot of oil but any higher in the revs and it would begin to leak. Ady has spent countless hours hanging over the engine bay of the MkII trying to get to the root cause of the issue. He believes he has found the cause.

Upon inspection for the oil leak, Ady has found the bores in several cylinders to be heavily scored.

With some of the pistons, the rings have too much play in them and allow a lot of the cylinder head pressure to escape past the rings, down the cylinder and into the crankcase. With this added pressure, it begins to push the oil out to any opening that may have a weakness.

The rear main seal on the MkII 3.4’s is a split seal design. Meaning at the bottom engine they are cut to allow them to be slipped into place during installation. This, with the added crankcase pressure, has been pushing the oil from the crankcase through the rear seal and out. So a combination of pistons slop, ring movement and too much crankcase pressure have been causing the leak we have been searching for.

The only remedy for this in Ady’s experience, is a full engine rebuild with new parts including a rebore to clean up the cylinder walls.

Keep an eye on the Bridge Classic Cars blog for more updates on the MkII 3.4.

1972 Peugeot 504 Engine Testing

Ady, Bridge Classic Cars’ engine specialist has set to work on our Peugeot 504 Engine recommission.

Before removing the engine Ady has checked each cylinders compression. We’ve found slightly low compression on one of the cylinders and will report this back to the customer.

We then removed the engine and took off some components including the inlet manifold for sandblasting and painting.

We’ve found that front engine cover was worn due to being incorrectly previously fitted. The front crankshaft pulley also is showing signs of wear. Based on our findings Ady is recommending a lip seal conversion.

Once these issues with the engine have been resolved we will be fully detailing the engine and engine bay to get this lovely rare classic show ready.