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200621 American Camper in Woodbridge

Spotted: American Camper

Craig recently spotted this fantastic American classic camper in Woodbridge. We’re loving classic campers at the moment with our VW T2 Westfalia that’s up on

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Going Forward – Sending the 1972 Chevrolet El Camino for a Transmission Rebuild

This 1972 Chevrolet El Camino has been stored at our secure storage facility, The Hangar, for some time now. But today it was time to get the classic American muscle car out and off to a local automatic gearbox specialist to have a look into why it won’t select any gears.

The customer had been taking the car to a show locally when all of a sudden the car just lost all forward and reverse gears. It was bought to us to investigate why this has happened so we have got a local specialist who works with all of our automatic gearboxes to help out on this project.

A Flick of a Switch – Fitting the Battery Cut Off to the 1930 Packard 740

The 1930 Packard 740 Waterfield Convertible has been in with Bridge Classic Cars recently for several jobs to be completed on the stunning prewar tourer. One of those jobs was to fit a battery cut off switch to the car which is exactly what our in-house restoration experts have done.

Our technician Tamas worked on getting the killswitch into the right place where it is easily accessible but also somewhere it isn’t easily knocked or damaged. This was going to be under the dashboard between the dash and the floorboards.

Carefully, Tamas moved the carpet to get access to the firewall where the switch would be mounted. Then, using a template he carefully made a tight-fitting hole in the firewall. After firing the component through the firewall and secured in place, Tamas then began wiring up the killswitch to the battery and then onto the ignition switch. The wiring for this component is crucial, so Tamas used high-quality wire and connectors with the appropriate shielding as it came near the exhaust manifold.

Once in place, Tamas checked that the cut off switch was working correctly and all fit nicely on the inside of the car. Another level of security and safety on this icon of pre-war American engineering and design.

The Right Direction – Fixing the Steering Coupler on the 1967 Ford Mustang GT350 Tribute

John, our workshop manager at Bridge Classic Cars has been working on the steering coupler of the 1967 Ford Mustang GT350 Tribute. On inspection, John found that the coupler which had been fitted was binding when the steering approached full lock. This would need attention.

John removed the original coupler and noted it had the incorrect sized coupler on one end and a selection of mismatched pieces on the other. So, because safety is paramount for any Bridge Classic Cars projects, John got a specially made new coupler specifically made for the car and its bespoke right-hand drive conversion. Now, with the new component in the car, John could begin to test. After checking and rechecking, the new piece worked perfectly and didn’t bind up the coupler.

Spotted: American Camper

Craig recently spotted this fantastic American classic camper in Woodbridge. We’re loving classic campers at the moment with our VW T2 Westfalia that’s up on our competition website currently.

Stories From Across the Pond

Some American friends of Bridge have recently sent through some interesting stateside car news and stories.

Hershey Car Show

Our friends across the pond sent us these lovely photos from the Hershey Car show in 2019. We love seeing classics from all around the world as every country has such a unique style. Hershey car show is located in Hershey, Pennsylvania and is dedicated to classic and collectors cars. But Hershey is of course also famous for its famous chocolate and sweets.

1969 Pontiac GTO Survivor

The Pontiac GTO Survivor is the iconic American muscle car, its embodies everything that muscle cars are. Tom Kennedy wrote a feature for The Legend magazine about his history with his beloved GTO Survivor, which you can read below.

Chevrolet Corvette’s Nifty Fix

Our new competition car, the 1979 Chevrolet Corvette has come into the workshop for a small repair. We discovered there was an issue with the power steering wherein a leak had occurred. This was easily resolved by replacing cutting off the cracked part of the hose and reinstalling it as the component was long enough already to amend.

New Arrival – Chevrolet Corvette 1979

For the keen-eyed viewers among you, you may have seen teasers of this beautiful red beast on our socials. This 1979 Chevrolet Corvette C3 will be a competition car in the near future. It’s having a pre-delivery service to ensure it’s running in perfect condition before we release it to be won.

It has a fascinating history, originating from Florida and being shipped over to the UK in 1991.

This muscle car holds a 5.7 litre C3 engine and can really pack a punch.

1979 saw the crossed-flag emblems introduced on the nose of the Corvette whereas previous models did not have this addition. Bucket seats from the 1978 model were carried forward and installed in the 1979 Corvettes.

Arriving to us this weekend in the pouring rain, we had a little drive but didn’t venture out too far. We’ll wait for dryer day…

Keep an eye out for a the release and full photoshoot coming soon!