A Flick of a Switch – Fitting the Battery Cut Off to the 1930 Packard 740

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

The 1930 Packard 740 Waterfield Convertible has been in with Bridge Classic Cars recently for several jobs to be completed on the stunning prewar tourer. One of those jobs was to fit a battery cut off switch to the car which is exactly what our in-house restoration experts have done.

Our technician Tamas worked on getting the killswitch into the right place where it is easily accessible but also somewhere it isn’t easily knocked or damaged. This was going to be under the dashboard between the dash and the floorboards.

Carefully, Tamas moved the carpet to get access to the firewall where the switch would be mounted. Then, using a template he carefully made a tight-fitting hole in the firewall. After firing the component through the firewall and secured in place, Tamas then began wiring up the killswitch to the battery and then onto the ignition switch. The wiring for this component is crucial, so Tamas used high-quality wire and connectors with the appropriate shielding as it came near the exhaust manifold.

Once in place, Tamas checked that the cut off switch was working correctly and all fit nicely on the inside of the car. Another level of security and safety on this icon of pre-war American engineering and design.

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